Jon Faber

    Jon Faber

    Chief Executive Officer Jon has specialized in pushing the Wholesale B2B landscape forward for the past 8 years by championing feature innovation and generating high volume, high value content for forward thinking footwear and apparel brands.

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    Retailers And Brands Are Frustrated With Marketplaces, We’re Here To Help

    At Envoy B2B, You Drive Your Wholesale B2B Business

    Better Content Production For Less With Envoy B2B And VNTANA

    A Complete Go To Market Strategy Demands Both Adaptive And Specialized Content

    Creating High Quality Product Images Can Be Faster, Cheaper, and More Flexible

    Our New Educational Portal Connects You To Our Team Of Experts

    Jon Faber Jon Faber

    Building A Better Showroom, The Homepage For Your Retailer's Season

    Jon Faber Jon Faber

    Party On: Reflecting On A Decade Of Envoy B2B

    Wolverine Worldwide Builds Augmented Reality Showrooms With Envoy B2B

    DTC Is The New Kid On The Block, But Brick & Mortar Remains Essential

    The Role of Digital Catalogs And Visual Merchandising At The Buying Table With Your Retailers

    In the battle between B2Bs, choose pizza. Let me explain...

    Jon Faber Jon Faber

    Acknowledging a Retailer’s Challenge and Doing the Right Thing

    Podcast: What Retailers Want and How Brands Can Provide For Them

    Podcast: Envoy B2B + Locally Enables Brands to Support their Retailers

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