A powerful wholesale platform with a custom fit

If your business demands a tailored fit, Envoy B2B Enterprise is the solution. Running on its own virtual private cloud, Envoy B2B Enterprise can be customized specifically to target your needs.

Envoy B2B Enterprise

Managed software and dedicated support.

Our Enterprise level platform features managed software with dedicated support and the flexibility to customize Envoy B2B to tackle the demands of your brand. Our enterprise connector can be tailored to fit any ERP.


Streamline Wholesale Ordering

Streamline Wholesale Ordering

  • Account segmentation and unique pricing
  • Quick replenishment orders
  • Real time inventory availability
  • Prebook order capture
  • Visually merchandise orders
  • Recommend orders
  • Performance analytics and reporting
  • Discounts & promotions
  • Collect payment with CC and ACH
Go To Market Sustainability

Go To Market Sustainably

  • Digital Press B2B content creation & publishing
  • Printable PDF exports
  • Showroom wholesale digital storefront
  • Visual merchandising and line planning
  • Content sharing and asset management
  • Content performance analytics and reporting
Empower Your Reps

Empower Your Reps

  • Mobile first content and commerce app
  • Digital presentation and story telling
  • Replenishment and prebook order recommendations
  • Easy content sharing
  • Assortment recommendations
  • Assortment campaigns
  • Account Insights and activity
  • Monitor rep performance and activity

Our obsession is helping retailers love your brand. We've got your back.

The Customer Success Promise

The Customer Success Promise

A dedicated team that understands the industry and wants to set goals for your brand's success every season.

Wholesale Accelerator

Wholesale Accelerator

Envoy B2B will help in your wholesale transformation to meet today's challenges.

Content Package

Content Package

Our content team will help you go digital first by designing and setting up your first season's GTM content.



Your team will be assisted during adoption. Our training takes into consideration the skill levels of your team and your brand's operations.


Some typical questions about Envoy B2B Enterprise:

Should I choose Enterprise or Core?

Feature-wise, our Core and Enterprise products are bringing that same set of robust content and commerce tools to the table. So the question really becomes one of “what does your organization need to effectively manage it’s wholesale channels?”

Envoy B2B Core offers a quick implementation time by being configurable, but the trade off here is that you give up the ability to do any custom tailoring of the platform. The turnkey integrations we offer are with NetSuite, TradeGecko (now QB Commerce). We also have a very robust SFTP option which can be used to connect most any system. If your brand doesn’t have a lot of custom integrations, and you don’t need any unique tailoring, then Core is the way to go.

Our Enterprise level product features a lot more customization options. This version of Envoy B2B can also be integrated with any ERP or a custom SFTP.  So if you need custom features or integrations, then Envoy B2B Enterprise is the solution.

Can you support multiple discount structures and tiers?

Yes! We can facilitate multiple discount structures as well as Buying Group type pricing format.

Is Envoy B2B globalized?

We offer full global capabilities and multiple languages/currencies.

Does the platform offer reporting tools for Sales Reps?

We showcase reporting tools on our rep accounts and an insights and activities dashboard. Admins also have access to some higher level reporting tools.

I don't have a design team, can you help?

Of course! We have years of experience building out Showrooms and Catalogs for brands of every size. We’d be happy to work with you to understand your needs and create some amazing content to support and delight your users.

How long is implementation?

Our Enterprise edition can be tailored to meet your needs. Much of the implementation duration depends on the level of customization your brand requires. Typically, an Enterprise solution will take 8-15 weeks to complete from planning to go live.

Are you interested in seeing if Envoy B2B is a good fit for your brand?

First, we'll give you access to our educational site so you can learn more about all of our features and what an implementation looks like. Next, we’ll be in touch to further answer questions, provide a demo, and get you an estimate on cost and implementation timing.