Brands and retailers are frustrated with B2B marketplaces.

    The brand to retailer relationship is a deep partnership that has been around for more than a century, dating as far back as the mid-1800s. Who knew retail had been around for that long? When this relationship is nurtured and cared for, it leads to incredible opportunities for both sides. But, the landscape of this relationship looks very different now than it did a century ago.

    Over the last decade in particular, a variety of technology solutions have been put into the mix to nurture that relationship, helping brands and retailers work together more efficiently. These solutions have also worked to prop up new opportunities that arise when the market expands. It’s technology that should be built in to service that all important brand to retailer relationship.

    This is the path that Envoy B2B is on, supporting that long standing relationship with new technology and innovative features.

    What we want to avoid is inserting ourselves into this deep relationship for our own gain. We aren’t interested in harvesting retailer information from brands, or brand information from retailers. And we have no interest in bogging down our platform with a marketplace aimed at creating transactional revenue for ourselves.

    Our goal is to be an extension of your team, standing behind you, supporting your wholesale strategy and working hard to help retailers fall in love with your brand. We want to make it easier for you to operate your wholesale channels. We don’t want to be a third-party partner trying to grow our own wholesale channel or build a marketplace off the back of your data.

    We believe that most brands don’t need a marketplace, because it dilutes their value in that brand to retailer relationship. 

    We are going to keep our focus squarely on our clients' needs, because we know that’s the best way to build our technology and grow our business. We will continue to build features based on direct feedback from our users, their demonstrated business needs, and what the market demonstrates is actually valuable. It’s that simple.

    We’re here if you need us.

    Jon Faber, Founder and CEO


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