The world of product photography has changed. The traditional approach has always been to get the product in the hands of a photographer and work with them until you have just the right shot. 

    3D models have revolutionized that process. And it’s imperative that brands have a strategy to use this technology. Conversion rates double off of 3D models. Average cart sizes increase, and returns have reduced by 40%. And, that’s just the beginning. That’s why we’ve partnered with VNTANA. We saw this change coming, and moved quickly to incorporate their 3D model viewer into Envoy B2B.

    How 3D Images Change Your E-Commerce Content Production

    Going-to-market takes a considerable amount of effort. But, 3D modeling and rendered images can significantly reduce the cost of the entire process, starting when your brand is in the forecasting stage.

    Forecasting is the first opportunity to take advantage of the speed and quality that can be achieved with 3D renders. With product access likely limited to a single pre-production model, a more traditional approach to photography takes too much time. Creating the 3D image means the product is in and out of the process very quickly. And once the render is built, high quality images can be produced almost on demand for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional product photography.

    The demand for imagery will expand during sell-in, and this is where a 3D approach really begins to shine. Fortunately, your 3D model has already been created so the speed and flexibility of the adaptive approach puts it ahead of the pack. Add new angles, adjust the lighting, or make any other changes in an instant, and produce the image that same day. The turnaround times and post production options that a 3D-driven adaptive model delivers are unprecedented.

    Using 3D Assets In Your B2B During Sell-In

    Most brands use some form of 6 e-commerce shots on white to create a “spin” of the image. The goal is to give the reps and retailers a good sense of what the entire product looks like. But, do you really need those 6 e-commerce shots on white when you have this:


    A 3D interactive model is far more impactful than a collection of static images.

    Changing Your Content Creation Process For The Better

    Creating images from 3D renders is amazing, but it is not a full replacement for some of your traditional photography needs. What it does do is deliver high-quality images considerably faster and at a much lower cost compared to traditional photography costs. That allows you to focus your traditional photography work on producing more unique, elevated imagery.

    Envoy B2B Studios offers a variety of services to produce that elevated imagery that makes your product shine. We’ve got you covered with hero shots, pair shots, and stylized shots that bring unique elements into the frame.

    Improving Sell-Through

    So, now you’ve got sell-in content all buttoned up with these incredible elevated photography assets and a 3D model. What’s next? For many brands, this is all you’ll need for sell-through. That means removing an entire set of deliverables that used to be produced. That’s a minimum savings of thousands of dollars each season – significantly more for larger brands.

    Going Further With Rendering

    Let’s say sell-in is going strong, but you suddenly need a handful of e-commerce on white images, or detailed shots of a specific part of your product. We’ve got you covered. This can easily be accomplished by rending some new images from the model. The best part is, that can likely be accomplished in a matter of hours. No need to bog everything down by sending a shoe back to a studio. Just set up the new virtual studio how you want, render the image, and your new images are ready to go.

    3D Images Sell More, Save Money

    Harnessing 3D images for your content creation process during sell-in will have a positive impact on your entire go-to-market strategy, and the season beyond. It means better assets, earlier in the season, in less time, for less money. It’s really that simple.

    You can click here to learn more about how the 3D photography process works, or here to see more rendered images.

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