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    At Envoy B2B, we believe in people and the connections between them. With this in mind, we’ve built an entirely new automated process for exploring how Envoy B2B might work for your brand.

    But, wait… If you’re people focused, why is the process more automated?

    Let me explain.

    No sales people, just experts

    It’s simple, really. We respect your time, and we want to have conversations that are meaningful. If you’re truly interested in learning more about how Envoy B2B can help your brand, and are open to sharing your goals with us, then our process gets you to an expert much faster than the traditional sales model.

    Over the years, we’ve found that the stakeholders at brands we work with have a solid sense of their needs for a B2B platform. Even if the implementation process isn’t fully understood (which is our job to make it easy for you), they know how they operate, and what will work best for their company.

    We built a quick, easy-to-complete, form that you can fill out which gives us info on your “what” so we can determine the best “how.”

    Filling this form out gives you immediate access to our educational portal. This is an informational destination full of details on the features and benefits of Envoy B2B. It includes deep dives into the platform, resources, and implementation guides – all designed to aid you in your discovery process. And, when you’re ready for a demo with our Customer Success (CS) team pros, focused on your needs, the portal has the information you need to get that started.

    A team that puts you first

    Our CS pros are there to put your needs first. There’s no sales agenda. It’s time spent with someone who has a deep understanding of how wholesale B2B works in the outdoor footwear, apparel, and accessories world.

    They will be respectful of your time, answer your questions, and be your direct line for support at any stage of your discovery process. Discussions range from implementation, to strategy, to features, and more.

    Our CS team has seen it all. Whether you’re a small niche brand, or a corporate behemoth, they understand what it takes to move your brand into a modern, wholesale forward system.

    People-focused automation

    We believe you know what’s best for your brand. And, our people know wholesale B2B better than anyone else. With our automated system, you’ll get to an expert quickly and start your project on the right track.

    Projects work because of people working together towards a common goal. Our team is here to make that a reality.


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