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We are Envoy B2B because of this talented group of hard working and kind professionals. We are passionate about our craft and our commitment to our customers. And it's that commitment that drives the innovation which makes Envoy B2B a world-class wholesale B2B platform.

Our team isn't new to the wholesale world. Many of our team members have spent 5-10 years in the industry. That deep knowledge, connection, and expertise is what keeps Envoy B2B on the forefront of trends, technology, and the ever-changing landscape of wholesale B2B.

We invite you to say hello. We invite you to ask questions. We invite you to meet the team that is taking wholesale B2B to the next level.

And, we look forward to meeting you.

Manager of Community Growth

Pete Ashley

Customer Success and Support Manager

Steve Dabbs

Studio Photographer

Kailyn Ebli

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Faber

Senior Web Developer

Vince Fasburg

Director of Photography

Kara Hoffman

Senior Web Developer

Calvin Janes

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Johnson

Senior Web Developer

Phil Kooistra

Web Developer

Thaddeus Kruse

Senior UI/UX Designer

Magdalene Law

Customer Success Manager

Matt Marcionetti

President, Chief Financial Officer

Brandon Merritt

Photography Business Manager

Lucas Meschke

Senior QA Analyst

Chandra Mihalik

Chief Experience Officer, Product Owner

Christopher Morse

Senior Web Developer

Zach Nietling

Senior Photographer

Forest Schaefer

Lead Web Developer

Mike Schneider

Studio Manager

Margo Shaw

Web Developer

Jeff Stienstra

Customer Success Manager

Derek Thompson

Senior Graphic Designer

Jeff Tow

Customer Success Director

Mark Troast

Director of Cloud Operations

Chad Van Klompenburg

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