8 Critical Ways Your Brand Can #B2Bbetter & Create Strong Sell Through

    Looking to push your wholesale channels to the next level and really grow your brand? Then it’s time to take a look at your tools and figure out how your brand can #B2Bbetter. We've targeted 8 powerful opportunities based on our years of industry knowledge, research into retailer needs, and the common pain points we hear from brands. Savvy brands can take advantage of these opportunities to improve their B2B tools and strategies, and improve sell-through and sell-through rates. Because better tools make it easier for you reps and retailers to engage, recommend, and buy.

    B2B Opportunity #01: When Your Wholesale Catalog Collects More Dust Than Orders

    It’s time to sell your season, but your pre-book and replenishment ordering process is a mess. Paper catalogs, clunky order forms, and outdated systems are holding your brand back. It’s time to #B2BBetter with a sustainable, digital first sell-in destination

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    B2B Opportunity #02: When Orders Are Caught In The Spinning Wheel Of Death

    Stuck with outdated ordering systems that can’t keep up with your demand? You can’t sell your season if your systems don’t support the demands of your wholesale channels. #B2BBetter with modern, integrated pre-book and replenishment order captures.


    B2B Opportunity #03: When Your Team Is Merchandising With Powerpoint And Cut Outs

    If you’re trying to build the perfect buy for each retailer, powerpoint and paper images aren’t going to do the trick. In fact, they are likely harming your brand, as retailers demand a better experience and move elsewhere. You need to upgrade your merchandising tools in order to optimize your pre-book and replenishment ordering, before you get left behind.


    B2B Opportunity #04: When Sell-through Is Amazing And Replenishment Is Amazingly Slow

    You’ve got hot product, pre-books were phenomenal, your brand is on shelves nationwide, and this season is kicking off. Then suddenly your sales go flat. What happened? It’s possible that you haven’t optimized your replenishment ordering process. You need to build a solid inventory strategy and become #B2Bbetter with sophisticated wholesale channel analytics and easy replenishment tools - or your season might just be dead in the water.


    B2B Opportunity #05: When All You Know Is A Rep’s Name, Not Their Performance

    Milk run reps just won’t cut it in a modern wholesale landscape. Your brand needs an actively engaged rep that’s educating retailers about your brand, helping them build smart orders, and working to increase sell-through all season long. You need a digitally enabled rep so you can keep track of their activity all season long, and become #B2Bbetter.


    B2B Opportunity #06: When Your Retailer Prospecting Efforts Run Cold

    Looking for more accounts? Give your team the support they need to succeed with digital prospecting tools. Because a digitally enabled rep can kick open more doors and put the right product in each store. Envoy B2B lets reps deliver interactive content and harness the power of showroom to spark interest all season long.


    B2B Opportunity #07: When Markdowns Scream, “Wrong Product, Wrong Store

    Insight into what’s hot in each store is a crucial piece of data for reps that want to deliver strong support to their accounts. If your reps don’t know what is selling where, they can’t make trustworthy recommendations that retailers convert to an order. A digitally enabled rep has the right tools to make smart recommendations and deliver tailored experiences. Without them, your sell through will stagnate.


    B2B Opportunity #08: When Retailers Feature Your Brand, But Blank On Your Feature

    When consumers are in a store looking for a solution, if the clerk on the floor isn’t educated about your product, they’ll sell the brand they know instead of yours. Retailer education is fundamental to the success of your brand, and reps are the primary driver of educating your retailers. Enable your reps with engaging digital content and powerful sales rep reporting tools to make sure they can get the job done. Because if retailers don’t understand your product they won’t sell it, and you'll lose your spot on their shelves.


    Is your brand ready to grow your wholesale channels, build a powerful go-to-market strategy, and #B2Bbetter? We can show you how. 

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