B2B Opportunity #04: When Sell-through Is Amazing And Replenishment Is Amazingly Slow

    Become #B2B😀Better With Sophisticated Wholesale Channel Analytics.

    You’ve got hot product, pre-books were phenomenal, your brand is on shelves nationwide, and this season is kicking off. Then suddenly your sales go flat. What happened? It’s possible that you haven’t optimized your replenishment ordering process. You need to #B2B😀Better with sophisticated wholesale channel analytics and easy replenishment tools or your season might just be dead in the water.


    Insights Drive Action

    Insights Drive Action

    You can’t take smart action to improve your season without the right data. Our Insights and Activity feature gives you access to the right information so you can react. With a clear window into bookings and sell through performance you can keep your brand on top all season long by providing targeted support based on retailers engagement with your season.

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    Become #B2B😀Better:

    • Monitor a real-time feed of buyers logging in, engaging with shared assortments and content, and creating orders.
    • See a dashboard of top customers and products and proactively support great performance.
    • With Envoy B2B + Locally match local consumer demand with retailers in the same DMA for increased sell through.

    Visible On Hand Inventory

    Visible On Hand Inventory. Envoy B2B + Locally.

    Retailer’s can’t sell what they don’t have. By using Envoy B2B to track low on-hand inventory at each retailer, your brand can take action on replenishment to keep sell through strong. No more wondering what went wrong at the end of the season, after it’s too late.

    Become #B2B😀Better with Envoy B2B + Locally:

    • Reps and their account can see each location's current on hand inventory while creating a quick replenishment order.
    • Find accounts that are low stock and support them with recommended replenishment orders.
    • Easily see your most out of stock products across all your retailers.

    Ready to #B2B😀Better?

    We can take you there.


    Sustainable Digital First Sell-In Destination Digitally Enable Reps
    Integrated Pre-Book and Replenishment Order Capture Digital Prospecting Tools
    Visualization Tools, Merchandise Orders, and Line Planning Sales Rep Sell Through and Smart Recommendations
    Sell Through Tools, Insights and Activities and Online Inventory Rep Education and In-Field Tools

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