B2B user-first innovation

    What is Envoy B2B?

    Envoy B2B is a B2B e-commerce platform designed to help brands in the footwear, apparel, and accessories space grow their wholesale channels. But, that’s a bit of a textbook answer, because Envoy B2B isn’t just a piece of software.

    It’s a group of people with shared passions that work hard to create something of real value for the community using it. What’s the driving force behind every decision, feature, story, article, social post, conversation, planning session, roadmap, client call, and collaborative moment of creation that amounts to Envoy B2B?

    The answer is simple: It’s built for the users first, by people who get it.

    Innovating For Our Users

    We have never been content to rest on our laurels or let our platform coast on past features. From the very beginning, we strived to push Envoy B2B past what is currently available on the market. What started as a simple catalog app has transformed over time into a leading B2B e-commerce platform that handles millions of dollars worth of transactions around the world.

    We led the way when we combined content & commerce into one platform, creating a single destination for everything. We added Showroom, a digital experience to keep retailers educated and up-to-date on the latest products and technologies a brand has to offer. Then, we took that a step further and created Public Showrooms, making it even easier for brands to add new doors. Assortment Campaigns pushed one of the primary tools a rep uses from a simple list into a full-blown trackable experience.

    We were the first B2B company to offer a full service photography solution, eliminating a major pain point for many of our clients. And we’ve recently raised the bar again by adding a revolutionary new 3D photography service that allows us to rapidly iterate and produce go-to-market images at unprecedented speed and quality.

    That’s just a few of the ways we’ve kept ahead of what our brands need, and we’ll keep working hard to deliver forward thinking features that expand what is possible for your reps and retailers.

    Passionate About Your Success

    We have the fastest feature release cadence of any B2B provider in our space. We push new (and often platform defining) features on a quarterly basis, quicker than anyone else we know about.

    Why do we push so hard? Because our obsession is helping retailers fall in love with your brand. We built a modern platform that creates opportunities for retailers to seamlessly connect with your brand. It’s the B2B with the human touch.

    Retailers buy from brands that actively provide meaningful support and effective tools. We did the research. 97% of your specialty retailers use more than 15 B2B platforms daily. That means it’s our responsibility to give you the best solution out there, that delivers on the efficiency and expectations your retailers have. We know that if we give you the right tools, you can streamline your wholesale ordering process, go to market sustainably, empower your reps, and put together a smarter season. 

    Pushing Wholesale Forward

    All this amounts to a central tenet of how we build our platform: we want to drive wholesale forward in a way that gives your brand power to grow your revenue, connect with retailers, and build a community – not fight against your wholesale channels and tools. That means pushing past “good enough”, and creating something truly innovative.

    It takes time and effort to innovate and build a user-first platform, and many B2B providers simply settle for the expected features. But, we know that innovation in our platform propels our clients forward by leaps and bounds, making them more efficient with modern tools that allow users to do their jobs faster, and enables reps to create real relationships with their retailers, resulting in channel growth revenue. We drive for innovation because we believe that our success is driven by our client’s success. That means we build a B2B platform for the future, and solve the needs our users don’t even see yet.

    Curious? We’d love to chat with you. Get in touch to learn more about what makes Envoy B2B the platform with the human touch.


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