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    Over the last few years, 3D models have become a powerful tool for many Envoy B2B clients. Pioneered by our Envoy B2B Studios team, our 3D models enable brands to take products to market quicker and deliver new experiences to retailers. We are thrilled at the positive response and excitement we see from both our clients and retailers. Let’s take a quick look at how this revolutionary new photography technology can help your brand get to market more efficiently.

    Delivering Quality Assets Faster

    Once our studio team has generated a 3D model, it can be used as the basis to render every type of media you need including 360° spins, video, animations, and 2D e-commerce images with an unprecedented amount of flexibility. Choose the environment, camera angles, number of frames, lighting, and shadows for each deliverable — all sourced from one model. 

    3D Model of a CAT boot

    CAT TierOne-02-1Photograph rendered from the same 3D model.

    Additionally, 3D models drastically reduces production times while still outputting high-quality deliverables. We can rapidly iterate and output new images based on any immediate needs a brand has, with zero lag. We can render 6 frames from a single 3D model in under 2 minutes. That’s an incredible amount of capacity and it gives us the ability to generate new sets of deliverables for brands as they adjust to seasonal content needs.

    Don’t Wait On The Supply Chain

    Waiting on a physical product slows your entire pipeline down, throwing a wrench in your season. But 3D models smooth out your entire go-to-market process because your team no longer has to wait to put product in front of a camera. Our 3D models allow for flexible production timelines with an on-demand response to your marketing needs.That means going to market faster with high-quality marketing assets and delivering the premium experience your retailers expect — without getting bogged down by supply chain issues.

    Merrell Bottom 45Photograph taken from a 3D model of a Merrell shoe.

    A Smooth Go-To-Market Production

    3D models have become a powerful tool for many of our clients. With the ability to rapidly create high-quality product assets and deliver new interactive experiences to their retailers, brands have an opportunity for greater return on the entire season.

    Get in touch with our team to learn about how you can 3D models to shave weeks (or even months) off your team's seasonal production time frames while  delivering more effective marketing and education assets to your retailers.


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