Since this past spring, we’ve released two major updates to our Envoy B2B platform. Combined, they bring a ton of new features and impactful improvements. Let’s take a quick look and recap some of the major ways Envoy B2B has improved in the last few months.

    V16:  Activity & Insights, Assortment Campaigns

    V16, released in April, introduced two major features: Activity & Insights and Assortment Campaigns. Activity & Insights is our new dashboard for internal users that lets you see high level analytics on products, content interaction, B2B order revenue, and top customers. Reps now have greater insight into their customers and admins greater knowledge of how to maximize showroom and content dashboards.

    Assortment Campaigns, also in V16, allow you to send assortments to one or more customers and track their performance. By providing you with high level analytics for tracking email opens, assortment views, and conversions into orders, reps will be able to follow up with clients as well as intelligently optimize subsequent campaigns.

    The folks over at Envoy B2B are constantly updating with meaningful features that improve our business and change our jobs for the better.  The rate of user adoption we see whenever Envoy B2B drops a new release shows us they really understand what our users want out of the platform

    -Adriana Castellanos, Sales & Operations Manager, Original Footwear Company


    V17:  Engagements, Merchandising, Integrations

    V17 introduced Customer Engagements to the activity and insights dashboard. These include abandoned orders, new vs. existing buyer logins (tracking onboarding of buyers), and unopened assortment campaign emails. This valuable information will help reps maximize their interactions with their buyers.

    V17 is also where we doubled down on our Visualization tool, allowing for merchandising across the entire platform. We built Visualization right into Cart, Assortments, and Orders for easy merchandising pre- or post- order. It’s simple, quick, and easy to use while still being a powerful tool in building smarter, best fit orders.

    Finally, V17 brought a handful of new integrations with Stitch Labs, Mailchimp, and FTP. Which means it’s now very easy for users of these services to manage inventory and marketing messages in tandem with Envoy B2B.

    It’s definitely been a busy year here for Envoy B2B. We’re always proud to bring you the best features and tools to help your wholesale channel run smoothly and profitably, and this season we’ve released a bunch that we’ve been excited about for a long time. There’s so much more yet to come, though. Keep an eye out this fall for V18, which is shaping up to be a fantastic release.

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