Envoy V17 introduces two huge integrations that will streamline your order and inventory management.

    Stitch Labs

    V17 introduces a turnkey integration with Stitch Labs.  A dedicated wholesale destination is needed to support a brand's retail channel and efficiently scale it.  With our turnkey integration, users can easily set up their Envoy B2B wholesale channel within Stitch Labs and capture incoming orders to effectively manage and optimize inventory across all sales channels.

    • Easily connect Envoy B2B and Stitch Labs to integrate your wholesale channel into your sales channel mix.
    • Wholesale orders captured in Envoy B2B submit to Stitch Labs for advanced order management and fulfillment logic.
    • Get accurate, real-time visibility into ATS and ATP inventory for buyers and reps to sell against. 
    • See the shipping status of each order from Stitch Labs in Envoy B2B to help your buyers and reps informed and up-to-date.



    Second, we’re introducing an FTP integration for our users who want to integrate Envoy B2B with the rest of their business.  If that’s you, get going with any standard ftp client or get fancy and useservices like Zapier and elastic.io. And like the Stitch Labs integration, all you’ll have to do to get going is turn it on.

    We’re very excited about these two integrations and how they’ll help your integrate wholesale into your current management system.

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