Modern Visual Merchandising For All Stages Of The Season

    When we initially brought merchandising to Envoy B2B, it was implemented as a singular feature within the shopping cart. This somewhat limited implementation was intentional. We wanted to let our users get their hands on it and give us feedback. This feedback gave us a deeper understanding of how reps and retailers would be using the in the wild, so we could use that knowledge to build the best merchandising functionality possible, designed around the real needs of real users.

    Overwhelmingly, we learned that people want access to effective merchandising tools across the entire season, not just during pre-books. Additionally, 9 out of 10 retailers told us they expect brands to provide them merchandising tools. That means your brand is behind the curve if you aren't offering retailers access to a modern merchandising tools through your B2B.  And how are your reps supposed to support their retailers if they can't provide merchandised assortments and order recomendations?

    Clearly powerful merchandising tools are a critical component for brands looking to build successful seasons.  Strong sell-through is only possible when you provide reps and retailers with the tools and recommendations they need to build best-fit orders. Without modern merchandising tools your brand will be held back all season long.

    So, we integrated merchandising into all of Envoy B2B’s core tools – Cart, Assortments, and Orders.

    Visualize Cart
    Retailers can easily merchandise as they shop and build orders.

    Visualize Within Assortments
    Brands are empowered to recommend a well-merchandised assortment to many retailers at once.

    Visualize Orders
    Enable a collaborative merchandising experience between brands and retailers during the pre-book process and in season to ensure every order is best fit for each buyer.

    This isn’t a stand-alone thing designed for whiteboarding on it’s own, or merchandising pre- or post-order. We made it simple, quick, and easy to use across the whole platform. Because giving retailers the ability to self-serve is one of the fundamentals of a successful modern wholesale approach, and merchandising is no exception.

    Want to learn more about how Envoy B2B can streamline your wholesale channel, help your brand adopt sustainable go to market tools, and digitally enable your reps?  Drop us a line!

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