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    When enterprise corporations manage multiple brands, coordinating product photography between all of them is a tricky feat. Each brand brings their own goals to the table, often with conflicting timelines and styles. It can be difficult to coordinate effectively across every brand and deliver consistent results.

    So, how can multi-brand companies successfully streamline their product photography process? Funnel every brand through a single, centralized studio that can handle the demand.

    Wolverine Worldwide has it figured out. With a portfolio consisting of Bates, Cat Footwear, Chaco, Harley-Davidson, Hush Puppies, Merrel, Saucony, and more, they have their fair share of product photos to keep track of. But they rely on Envoy B2B Studios to handle all their product photography, significantly reducing logistics across every brand and generating consistent results.

    The Benefits of Working with a Centralized Photography Studio

    Working with one studio means a single point of contact for streamlined communication and simpler billing for Wolverine. They also benefit from greater consistency, speed, and quality across each brand’s photos, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication to dial each shot in. Best of all, this streamlined process and faster time to produce yields cost savings.

    Other benefits of using one centralized photography studio includes:

    • Aligning with your goals: When one studio works with an entire corporation’s portfolio, it allows that studio to make sure all your photography aligns with your wholesale strategy.
    • Generating uniform imagery: When all product photos are taken by one studio, it creates a consistency of style that helps your brands tell a cohesive story and support each stage of bringing your line to market. 
    • Providing cost savings: Using a centralized studio means all of your favorite lighting and angle presets are always ready to go — so your products can get in and out of the photography stage fast, lowering the cost of your studio time.

    Everything Your Brands Need, Under One Roof

    No matter what stage of the season you’re in, it’s important to have photography solutions that fit your needs. From forecasting, to sell-in, to sell-through, having a one-stop-shop studio that does it all will make logistics easier, deliver a consistent look, and reduce costs. 

    At Envoy B2B Studios, we offer high volume product photography, 360° video spins, 3D scanning, lifestyle images, animation, and more — making it easy to leave your products with us, whatever your photography needs are. 

    Wolverine Worldwide relies on Envoy B2B Studios for elevated and stylized photography, creating hyper detail-focused, color accurate photos to help them stand out from their competitors.

    Trail Elevated

    They also use Envoy B2B Studios to create 3D imaging for their virtual showrooms and other wholesale channels.


    Last year alone, we photographed over 9,000 SKUs for Wolverine Worldwide (including 3D captures).

    If your current photography solution isn’t a one-stop-shop, then you’re probably spending too much time, money, and resources sending your products elsewhere. 

    Using One Centralized Studio is the Way to Go

    If you’re looking to streamline the way your brands handle photography, follow in Wolverine Worldwide's footsteps. Using one centralized studio will reduce costs, streamline the entire process, and produce better results. Check out our portfolio to get the full picture. 

    Ready to get started? Tell us your goals and we’ll help you put together a plan to elevate your product photography.

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