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    Getting ready to go to market? Or perhaps you’re pivoting your campaign in the midst of a season? Whatever your need, there’s a strong chance you’ll be using flipbooks to educate and delight your retailers. There’s nothing quite like the experience they offer.

    We live in a digital era, and it’s easy to jump on board with whatever technology is currently hot. But, flipbooks deliver an accessible, interactive experience that adroitly showcases your latest collection. By delivering a more tactile experience, flipbooks invite retailers to take their time with the details, forging a deeper connection with the products and the brand’s identity.

    Detailed, Functional Experiences

    Flipbooks give your brand the power to comprehensively showcase product details, in both online and offline marketing strategies. They can be seamlessly integrated into your Envoy B2B Showroom, retailer-facing websites, email campaigns, and other marketing scenarios. As retailers move through your digital spaces, you can deliver opportunities for them to click through to a detailed flipbook centered on the product knowledge you want to create a more meaningful experience around.

    Better yet, when you create flipbooks with Envoy B2B’s Digital Press, you can make them shoppable with fully B2B-aware content. So, when that retailer dives deep into a flipbook experience, falling more in love with your product or ethos, they have the opportunity to add products to an order from directly inside the flipbook. This is a unique feature of content created with Digital Press, because we aren’t satisfied simply creating content, we believe that content should be fully functional inside your B2B.

    Telling A Better Story

    Flipbooks also serve as one of the premier ways to tell a story. The sequential layout and interactive nature of a flipbook enables brands to curate a narrative around their collections. You can combine text, images, videos, and sound to evoke emotions and aspirations around the product line that resonates with retailers. Whether it’s highlighting craftsmanship, functionality, technology, or just for the vibes, flipbooks provide an engaging platform to communicate and create memorable brand experiences.

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    Flipbooks are an indispensable asset for brands, at any stage of the season. They merge creativity and functionality to capture retailer attention in a meaningful way. By delivering a curated, multisensory experience, showcasing product details, and enabling storytelling, flipbooks have proven their prowess in driving brand recognition, engagement, and ultimately boosting sales.

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