Digital Press by Envoy B2B

Create B2B experiences and share them with your wholesale team and retailers

Digital Press is B2B content creation & management for brands


For creation and publishing.


Our shoppable web viewer with exports like PDF, PPT, XLS.


Tools for further customization by reps.

Easy creation right in your browser

  • Drag-and-drop creation: Using familiar tools, it's easy to build beautiful experiences that are powerful, engaging, and educational.
  • Shoppable: Every product can be added to a list or a cart. Say goodbye to static one sheets and catalogs, and hello to flexible, shopping-oriented, digital experiences.
  • Web and print: View the experiences on the web – flipbook style – and/or export to PDF/PPT.
Simple drag and drop creation. Beautiful experiences.
Accurate and B2B aware experiences.

Digital Press experiences are accurate and B2B-aware

Manage product information, assets, and customer segmentation keeping everything accurate all the time.

  • Data driven: Update product data and images easily.
  • Customer aware: Use segmentation to show only the right products and prices to each account.

Digital Press experiences are order-ready

  • Customers can use the simple cart within Digital Press experiences to send you the start to an order as a PDF or XLS.
  • Give your retailers a simple tool to build product lists for easily creating orders from other systems.
  • Go further and upgrade to our complete ordering platform, Envoy B2B. Then, capture and submit orders directly from Digital Press experiences and fulfill them!

Manage your content while giving flexibility to your reps

Empower reps to customize experiences to each customer. Customization includes:

Page rearrangement.

Show/hide pages.

Add custom pages.

Track user engagement with Digital Press experiences

Understand account's interests and the effectiveness of your seasonal content.

  • Reps can see their accounts engagements on the insights and activity dashboard in Envoy B2B.
  • Download reports showing performance of each digital press experience.
Track user engagement.

Digital Press is an advanced content creation and publishing tool that delivers 'B2B-enhanced' experiences

Create flipbooks, lookbooks, product catalogs, workbooks, promotions, line sheets, keynotes, training materials, tech sheets, immersive Showroom experiences, and more. 

Digital Press includes:


For creation and publishing of digital B2B experiences.


  • Canvas control
    • Group, reorder, align, and distribute
    • Rulers
    • Guides
    • Hotkeys
    • Page size and orientation
  • Design elements
    • Pages
    • Drag and drop design
    • Styled text
    • Click zones
    • Page links
    • Shapes
  • Product objects and product view
    • Product images
    • Product colorways
    • Product fields
    • Check boxes (uniform feedback input)
    • Buttons (product details, alt images, add to cart, add to list)
    • Ocavu 3D objects
    • Ocavu QR codes
  • Template control
    • Create templates
    • Publish templates
    • Manage all Envoy B2B exports

Our powerful shoppable web browser delivery with popular exports like PDF, PPT, and Word.

Digital Press viewer:

  • Beautiful web experience
    • Viewer navigation and search
    • Familiar and flexible format/swipe
  • Shoppable
    • Compatible with Envoy assortments, lists, and order workflows
  • Flexible outputs
    • PDF/PPT/Word
    • Print and desktop ready
  • Elevate Envoy B2B
    • Assign experiences to showrooms
    • Assign experiences to catalogs
    • Assign experiences to content dashboards


  • Customizable by reps
    • Rearrange pages
    • Add custom pages
    • Hide pages

Full control over how experiences are viewed, shared, and managed.

Publishing and management:

  • Publishing control
    • Preview before publishing
    • Selective audience publishing
    • Manage access/availability
    • Custom catalog permissions
  • Manage products and assets
    • Single source of truth
    • Advanced product meta data
  • Customer segmentation
    • Availability and pricing
    • All order permissions
  • Session engagements
    • See total sessions for each experience
  • Insights and activity
    • Reps can see when accounts access experiences

Digital Press works with Envoy B2B

Envoy B2B. One system.

B2B content, publishing, e-commerce, order capture, and payment. Go beyond your B2B with efficient customer centric shoppable experiences. Content and commerce, all in one place.