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Retailers will love your brand.

We support wholesale B2B teams. Envoy B2B is a single destination for every wholesale need your brand has: Ordering. Content creation and delivery. Tracking and analytics. Digital catalogs. Rep enablement. And more!

All your seasonal needs in one place.

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The premier wholesale B2B platform for footwear, apparel and accessories brands (and more).

Better ordering tools. Greater visibility into your wholesale channels. More connection with your retailers. 
Order, quick & easy

Order, quick & easy

An always-on portal gives retailers access to pre-book order capture, offline Excel importation, easy replenishment order workflows, recently ordered views, and more!

Account segmentation and unique pricing

Account segmentation and unique pricing

Sell to specific retail groups, with customized pricing for each.

Digital catalog builder and content sharing

Digital catalog builder and content sharing

Build digital catalogs and workbooks, or customize existing content to target retailer demand.

Present beautiful whiteboards fullscreen or in-person

Present beautiful whiteboards fullscreen or in-person

Kickstart your line planning with a dedicated fullscreen experience that drives collaboration with retailers.

Custom digital catalogs with Digital Press

Custom digital catalogs with Digital Press

Digital Press' content studio delivers easy-to-use tools, enabling your brand to build digital catalogs and workbooks that genuinely engage retailers.

Account insights and activity

Account insights and activity

A real-time feed of customer engagement, highlighting top content, top customers, showroom views, order volume, and more at a glance.

An incredible destination for your retailers.

An incredible destination for your retailers.

Go-to-market with a sustainable strategy and effective tools.
  • A powerful ordering tool: At once, prebook... set it up just how you like
  • B2B content creation & publishing with Digital Press
  • Showroom: A wholesale digital storefront
  • Digital Sales Room (DSR)
  • Powerful line planning tools
  • Content performance analytics

Turning good reps into great reps that grow your brand.

How do we do this? By giving you all the tools you need to make it easy for your reps to do business with your brand.

Activity and Insights

Give reps the power to increase sell-through.

  • Assortment and order recommendations
  • Assortment campaigns
  • Account insights and activity

Deliver a stronger human experience to retailers.

  • Digital storytelling
  • Custom content for each account
  • A mobile-first e-commerce and content app

Support reps with powerful insight and recommendation tools.

  • Assortment/order recommendations
  • Account insights and activity
  • Monitor rep performance and activity

When it's time for implementation, we're here for you. We're well-planned, well-resourced, well-organized, and in your corner.

Apparel, Eyewear, Sports & Outdoors, Electronics, Footwear, and MORE!

We can be your e-commerce photography machine.

We can make your products pop, and your stories hit with our creative content services. Featuring everything from high volume e-commerce photography to catalog creation to 3D modeling and more! We deliver stunning creative content for the entire season.

We are the B2B with the human touch.

Meet the humans of Envoy B2B:

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