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  • Educated buyers make the best partners.
  • Merchandising tools put the right product in each store.
  • Easy replenishment lets buyers respond to demand.

“Customers rave about it, and I have heard several times it is the best site they have seen out of all the other ones they utilize for their store.” B2B Associate, Envoy User

Grow your wholesale channel

Go to market smarter

  • Manage thousands of unique retailers as a single channel.
  • Respond to the needs of each store immediately during the season.
  • Direct the right assortment to the right markets.

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Less friction leads to better fulfillment.

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Knowledgeable buyers place smarter orders.

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Strong reps turn good buys into great buys.

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Energizing Your Wholesale Channel

By: Tom Rau | Sales Director

Wholesale strategies have shifted. Retail has moved from a landscape once dominated by big box stores, to one that is now much more centered on smaller, specialty retailers. With that comes a new growth opportunity...

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The Fundamentals: Adapting Your Wholesale Approach For Success

By: Jon Faber | CEO

Much like gravity and the other fundamental forces, there are some laws of nature brands have to follow to build a successful wholesale channel. More than just best practices, these are fundamental to supporting success with specialty retailers each season.

Fundamental #1. Buyer Self-Serve
A comprehensive buyer self-service strategy looks like this: buyers can merchandise orders for best fit pre-books, get educated on the latest brand or product story, find and download marketing assets, and have easy access to replenishment needs anytime.

In a recent survey we conducted, we heard loud and clear that buyers prefer brands with a B2B destination because it gives them constant access to act on their needs. It’s that simple.

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