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Tuesday, December 1
1:00pm EST

Envoy B2B is a leading provider in the wholesale eCommerce space for apparel, footwear, and accessories companies. In this webinar, Tom Rau, Director of Sales at Envoy B2B, will showcase how their platform is helping brands run a virtual wholesale channel.

Tom will demonstrate both the internal brand perspective and tools, along with the retailer experience when it comes to learning about and ordering from the brand.

If you have been wondering how you will account for a season without trade shows and in-person meetings, this webinar is a place you should start your educational journey.


Bring Your Sell-in Virtual

Envoy B2B created an easy series of steps to take to bring your event virtual at sell-in, whether that's your own big reveal, a conference or if you are attending a virtual trade show.


Specialty Retailer's Seasonal Challenge Report

We surveyed over 7,000 retailers for you. Download the Specialty Retailer's Seasonal Challenge report and learn .


Wholesale Rep Report

Retailers consider reps to be very important in the success of their stores and most need their help with product education and product recommendation. Which is a pretty strong endorsement and request.

We’re excited for you to download the paper and let us know what you think.

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