Retail growth and adoption of digital channels mean brands need a digital strategy for growth

    The research is in. 2024 is going to be a big year for your retailers. Which means it will likely be a big year for your brand. To take full advantage of this growth opportunity, you’ll need to make some changes to your B2B strategy.

    To do this, it will be important to capitalize on the predicted trends for the year. Let’s help you get started by checking out these statistics:

    • Experts are predicting that 72% of all retail sales will take place in brick-and-mortar stores. Going forward, the best place to get your product into the consumer's hands is through your retail partners
    • By the year 2025, 80% of B2B sales between brands and retailers will take place in digital channels. That’s less than a year away. Unfortunately, a lot of brands still rely on print catalogs and workbooks, which leaves opportunity and revenue on the table.

    Two tangentially related statistics, but by looking at them together there are big implications for the strategy you put in place around your wholesale B2B channel. Without the right strategy, your brand won’t be ready to ride this growth in retail and the impending shift in how buyers purchase products. Retailers are going to demand more product from you, and if your content is largely relying on print then your wholesale strategy will fall short of capitalizing on that demand.

    Capitalizing on The Trend For Growth

    2024 is the year brands need to really take advantage of digital workbooks and catalogs. The conversation around digital content has been happening for years, and for many brands it’s been a stumbling block. The good news is, we have the solution. It’s called Digital Press.

    Digital Press enables you to create digital catalogs in workbooks, with easy to use tools, right in your browser. These catalogs are B2B-aware – driven by the data in your B2B. So, if you need to make a price change, update an image, or rewrite some marketing copy, then every piece of content that uses that information updates automagically. It saves an incredible amount of time, which translates to lowered costs. All content created in Digital Press is also fully customer segmented, completely shoppably from anywhere in the experience, and can be exported to print if you have the need.

    It’s the complete solution to digital workbooking in the future, and it’s the single most powerful way your brand can take advantage of the predicted growth in B2B sales this year.

    Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Wholesale Strategy

    Consumers are going to be shopping at brick-and-mortar stores in record numbers this year, and retailers are going all in on digital channels. We can see it clearly in the data. Without a digital content solution, your B2B simply isn’t prepared to handle the upcoming rise in demand from retailers that’s going to hit in the next year.

    Digital Press makes it easy to produce and maintain engaging digital workbooks and catalogs, which in turn makes it easy for retailers to buy, and buy again, in the channel they prefer. 

    Want to take advantage of the upcoming explosion in the retail sector? Strap a rocket to your growth with Digital Press. Get in touch today, and we can help you reach those heights.

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