creating catalogs for brand's wholesale B2B needs to be digital first

    Brands need good desktop publishing software to enable reps and support retailers with digital catalogs, workbooks, educational material, and marketing content. However, the software to solve this challenge is often based on a single criteria: Does it create the materials we need?

    The most popular software packages fulfill that criteria, but in the end that’s not enough because retailers are going digital.

    By 2025, 80% of retailer to brand interactions will be taking place exclusively inside digital channels. The catalog creation software you choose needs to follow suit and create material that can capitalize on the digital-only capabilities of your wholesale B2B platform, or retailers will leave you behind.

    Print Is No Longer Enough

    The reality is, software built to design primarily for print will only meet some of your needs. It’s going to miss the mark on a variety of essentials like:

    • Managing how a high volume of products are displayed in workbooks
    • Managing unique pricing and segmentation across different reps and retailer groups
    • Creating a digital- first experience that harnesses the power of your B2B platform, while also being print-ready
    • Providing an experience that is immediately shoppable across its entirety
    • Delivering a destination for seasonal content that is customer specific

    That’s a lot of critical pain points that need solutions. A print-focused software package won’t be able to hit those challenges and retailers won’t get the support they need, which means lowered engagement and reduced orders.

    Unless you use Digital Press.

    Content Synergy With Your B2B

    Digital Press has the design features you’re used to, with common tools like drag-and-drop creation, templates, and a focus on effective digital experiences. The difference is, unlike anything designed in print focused software, materials made with Digital Press are B2B-aware. Catalogs, workbooks, or other content are smart enough to know they live inside a digital destination, making workflows quicker for your team, and more engaging for your retailers.

    When creating materials, all product data, images, pricing, and customer segmentation updates from a single source of truth. If you change something, it smartly updates across every piece of content that houses that piece of information. This saves your team an incredible amount of time as the season progresses and changes need to be made.

    That means your team can manage your wholesale catalogs and content across a huge volume of products and customers, within a minimal amount of time.

    Additionally, all this content is shoppable by your retailer, at any point, inside any experience at your digital destination. This is a massive reduction in the friction retailers typically experience when they go to build and submit orders. They can now add to cart inside any experience, instead of being locked into siloed order workflows.

    Easier To Produce

    Without a solution like Digital Press, a brand is likely using PowerPoint or InDesign or other similar layout software. That entails importing product information, or rebuilding all the data inside the software by hand, one page at a time. This is an incredibly laborious solution and not sustainable.

    Your B2B already has all that product information ready to go, so your team can focus on designing an effective experience. Digital Press automatically pulls all the product data onto each page. It’s an incredible time saver, and greatly lowers production timelines.

    While print materials have insurmountable limitations, we recognize that it will still be part of your wholesale strategy in some way, so we’ve made sure all the content in Digital Press is instantly shareable, and easily exportable to a printable PDF format.

    Digital Leads The Way

    As retailers move overwhelmingly into digital spaces, it’s clear that this is the future. Smart brands are already looking to that future, and realizing that a print pipeline is holding them back. It has too many paint points, and too much lost revenue. Fortunately, Digital Press is here to answer more than just “does it produce catalogs?” 

    Yes, it does. And it’s easier to use, costs less, and provides more effective results with greater return.

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