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You’ve cleared all the hurdles to ditch your antiquated order placement process and decided to adopt an integrated B2B platform. The budget is approved, IT is on board, leadership has signed off on the idea, and your team is excited about a better future. As far as you can tell, everything seems like it’s ready to go.

Well, not quite.

As is often the case when adopting something new, the full scope of what your organization needs in order to successfully adopt a new B2B platform might not be immediately clear. There are three common, often overlooked problems that every company must address when adopting a new B2B platform.

  1. The Implementation Challenge

    Consultants cost money and implementation costs time. You need to get your new system up and running as efficiently as possible, with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.

  2. The Content Challenge

    A new B2B platform presents fresh opportunities and mediums for telling your product’s story, however, your organization doesn’t have a pipeline built to create high-volume, quality content.

  3. The Support Challenge

    You have limited resources in your IT department and your growing number of platform users outweighs what your team can support.

We’ve helped many footwear and apparel companies, like Converse, Saucony and Merrell, overcome these challenges when they chose the Envoy platform as their B2B strategy. And that’s what it is, a strategy for success for your whole team.

Curious about how Envoy can take your B2B strategy to an entirely new level? Stay tuned for the rest of our four-part series where we’ll teach you how Envoy solves these challenges while transforming your B2B from a simple order placement utility into a strategy designed to grow your wholesale channel.

Have questions or would like to learn how Envoy can take your business to new heights? Drop us a line at 1.844.462.7776 or One of our team members is waiting to chat with you!