November Release

    We just launched a new set of features! And when we say there’s something for everyone in this release, we mean it. Whether your rep needs to export tech sheets as a PowerPoint, your retailers need the ability to add all products to their cart in one click, or your admins need to create public-facing Digital Catalogs — these are just a few of the things you can expect to see.

    Check out the full list below to learn more about everything that just launched.

    For the Sales Reps and Retailers

    Ability to Add All Products to Cart or List

    Now, you can quickly add products all at once to the cart or a list. While viewing the product catalog, use the action menu to add the products you are currently viewing to a cart or list.

    Ability to Export Tech Sheets as a PowerPoint

    Exporting tech sheets from the products dashboard now gives you the option to export them as a PowerPoint file. This will be very helpful for sales reps that build out decks to share with their accounts.

    Ability to Include Empty Product Grids on an Order Draft PDF

    When exporting an order draft PDF, you now have the option to display the entire size grid for a product. This will show all of the sizes, not just those SKUs that have quantity entered.

    For the Sales Reps

    Ability to Share a Digital Catalog

    Digital Catalogs added to the Content dashboard can be added to the share queue and sent to your accounts.

    For the Admins

    Public Digital Catalogs

    Digital Catalogs can now be public. With the addition of a Public Digital Catalogs tab you can now get them in front of prospective accounts by adding digital catalogs to public showrooms, or you can grab the embed code and put them on an external site.


    Usage Reporting Dashboard for Admin Roles

    Admin users now have a new Usage dashboard. We’ve taken data from the available reports and visualized it to show you the views and booked revenue for top users and user sessions, top catalog, top products, and top showrooms.


    Integration Status Dashboard

    For Envoy B2B Core clients using a SFTP integration there is a new integration status dashboard added to the SFTP integration widget. Now you’ll be able to see the status of all the files imported via the SFTP.

    Ability to Include Inventory/Product Grids on Templates and Digital Catalogs

    We added a new placeholder that allows product grids to be added to templates and digital catalogs. This is very helpful for visualizing product sizing and inventory values for a product.

    Digital Catalog Analytics

    We’ve added private digital catalog analytics to the reports within the Showroom section of the Reports Dashboard.

    Ability to Create a Digital Catalog from a Product Catalog

    Create a new digital catalog and automatically populate it with all the products in your product catalog. You’ll save a ton of time as this feature helps you to get a jump start adding all the products a couple of clicks. 

    Product Detail Placeholder for VNTANA 3D objects and QR codes

    For those of us that use VNTANA to create 3D and QR assets, you can now add these as placeholders to your templates and digital catalogs.

    Custom Guides

    Templates and digital catalog creation now have custom guide functionality. Drag a custom guide from the ruler and use the guides to help design your layouts.

    Images on messages

    Each of the four message types now can include an inline image within the message pop.

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