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Trade shows have always been a time when the bulk of the industry comes together to see what brands have to offer for the upcoming season. It’s a chance to network with peers, learn about the line, touch and feel the products, and potentially even place an order. It’s a pivotal event in setting brands up for a successful season. But now that they have mostly been cancelled, it’s a hole that many brands have to fill So what are the essential tools brands need to foster growth in their wholesale channels without access to trade shows?

1. Zoom

We know, Zoom just isn’t the same as an in person meeting. Fortunately, It’s still a great way to present your line, get buyers up to speed, and collaborate with your retailers to visualize and build effective assortments. And Zoom has multiple upgrade options so you can get the experience that’s right for your brand.

2. Digital Showrooms

At trade shows, brands have the opportunity to stand out and really represent their messaging with a killer booth experience. It’s also where reps are welcoming buyers in to learn about the product through line sheets, presentations, and physical interaction. 

So what’s the solution when trade shows aren’t an option? Brands need to build an awesome digital showroom to deliver an experience that can be just as effective, if different. In fact, a digital showroom can take the experience a little further than a trade show booth.

Digital experiences are free from the constraints of a physical showroom. Reps can present to groups of retailers, or meet individually for more intimate sessions. Buyers can be granted access outside of the specified meeting time for continued interactive experiences and collaboration. And a digital format allows for video, product education, and interactive presentations that are all shoppable, making for an easy transition into the order process.

3. Digital Assortments

Typically, brands prep an assortment of key styles they want to focus on, and they build the booth experience around them. Reps will walk the floor with retailers to talk products, provide education, merchandise, and hopefully capture an order.

Digital assortments can replicate this process. Product education can be built right into the assortment, taking the place of what would occur in the booth. Select styles can be placed in the assortment to keep focus on the specific products the buyer would be interested in, instead of overwhelming them with the full catalog. And, much like an actual booth experience, the retailer can place an order directly from the assortment.

Different, Not Worse

Our entire industry is chomping at the bit to return to doing business face-to-face, and we’re sure the return of trade shows will be met with celebrations. But in the mean time, brands have effective options to continue to support their retailer and grow their wholesale channels. The combination of Zoom, digital showrooms, and digital assortments will allow your brand to maintain it’s forward momentum in these strange times.

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