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Ever since there’s been a need to develop marketing content, tools have been built to create it. So, with all the options out there, why did we build Digital Press, and who is it for?

Why Digital Press?

We aren’t trying to entirely replace your existing software packages, because they play an important role outside of your wholesale B2B channels. What we are doing is creating a suite of content tools that is specifically designed with your brand’s B2B channels in mind. We believe content that is going to be used in your B2B should elevate that experience for everyone that touches it.

Who Is Digital Press For?

Digital Press is going to be used by your marketing team, your designers, sales reps, and the retailers that carry your brand.

Marketing Team

Marketing will be crafting the messages, and is in charge of managing all the assets inside Digital Press, ensuring that the right images, videos, language and content are loaded in and ready for the designers to use.

Your marketing team is also in charge of publishing your experiences to the right retailers using selective audience publishing, custom catalog permissions, and customer segmentation. The publishing tool is also where marketing can track user engagement and measure the performance of the content.


These are the people who are designing your experiences. They’re putting together your catalogs, look books, and content experiences. They’ll be spending most of their time in Studio, taking advantage of our familiar tools to create interactive, shoppable, shareable experiences for the rest of your team to use.

Unlike the more traditional design platforms out there, content created in Digital Press is B2B-aware. When Marketing makes a change to a product, it automatically gets updated across any content the designers have used it in. This is a massive time saver for your design team, and allows your brand to stay in control of your story.

Sales Reps and Retailers

Out in the field, reps will be using the Viewer tool as they work with retailers to create orders and manage the season. Viewer delivers a beautiful, shoppable experience right in the web browser with flexible exporting formats.

Reps are able to show and hide pages, rearrange them as needed, or add custom pages to tailor the experience to the needs of individual retailers. Those experiences are connected to your B2B, so retailers are able to add products to a cart from anywhere, see all the colorways, check availability dates, view notes from the rep, dive into features, and more.

Betters Tools For Your Team, Better Content For Your B2B

There may be plenty of design and publishing tools out there, but none that carry the B2B-focused features of Digital Press. Your marketers, designers, and sales reps can use the Digital Press to elevate the material they are creating. With the power of B2B-aware content, insights and engagement tools, and the flexibility and customization of the Viewer, Digital Press is a best-in-class content creation tool that empowers your brand to succeed. Learn more about Digital Press by clicking here.