Why Talk To Retailers

    Lately we’ve been putting a lot out there about retail buyers’ needs and their importance. We’ve been interviewing and surveying them to get at their critical perspectives on their industry and process. As a brand, you may be wondering why we’re so concerned with your customers. Shouldn’t we be focusing all of our attention on the needs of brands...our clients?

    It all comes down to alignment.

    What We've Learned

    Envoy B2B is designed to let brands like yours work with retailers as easily and profitably as possible, which allows you to grow and support your wholesale channel. Simple enough. But this is only possible if your brand and your retail buyers are aligned, and this is achieved through listening to them, learning their needs, and acting on that knowledge.

    Essentially, we want to learn all we can about retailers needs so that we can build tools that help you achieve and maintain this alignment.

    We’ve covered it in other posts, but our Fundamentals are the framework we’ve built from all of this learning.  To review, the Fundamentals are:

    Buyer Self Serve

    • Bring retailers into the platform and empower them to interact with your brand and place orders according to their needs

    Content and Commerce

    • Put your education and your content experiences alongside your shopping experiences

    Rep Enablement

    • Enable your reps to support your retailers through their entire seasonal journey

    Never Stop Listening

    We are constantly growing and refining our understanding of retailers’ needs and we will continue to do so. But the framework of the Fundamentals will always have as one of it’s core values:

    Listen to retailers’ needs and act to meet them.

    There’s a world of complexity wrapped up in that statement, as you well know. Which is why we’re dedicated to carefully listening to retailers and brands. The better we are at doing that, the easier it will be for you to closely align with your retailers. The more aligned you are with your retailers, the better you can meet their needs.  At Envoy B2B, we want to make that easier.


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