How to launch a digital showroom and go virtual at sell-in this season

    Adapt quickly and continue your sell-in event this season

    The current COVID-19 crisis is changing the way our industry operates. In the short term, attending conferences and trade shows isn't a viable method of connecting with buyers, so brands need to find new ways to host compelling sell-in events. And since sell-in is the start of the season, it’s incredibly important to the industry as a whole that it continues to happen. This means every brand needs to start planning out their digital showroom and how they will adapt to this new reality.

    While the world post COVID-19 will undoubtedly be different, retail will still be an important channel. Hopefully, in the near future our industry will return to that in-person community we all hold dear, with face to face meetings and handshakes. In the meantime, sell-in is an essential process that must continue, and for that to happen it needs to become a more digital or "virtual" experience.


    The Seasonal Journey

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    Think of sell-in as a series of steps. Each step requires collaboration, and ideally takes place in a single digital destination, your brand's digital showroom. This serves to keep things uniform and simple across all the retail partners you work with.

    The initial steps of sell-in are often handled in person at a brand conference or trade show with in-person showroom sales. Under today’s circumstances, however, brands need to find ways to cover them more virtually.


    Learn How to Digitally Enable Your Reps


    Digital showrooms and line planning in Envoy B2B + Video Conferencing

    By combining the features found in the Envoy B2B wholesale platform with a video conferencing solution, brands will be able to tackle the initial stages of the seasonal journey. This means they can successfully host digital sell-in events for their buyers, and continue the go-to-market process, despite not currently being able to attend trade shows or a brand conference.


    Download our guide and bring your sell-in virtual this season

    We’ve prepared a detailed breakdown of how brands can go about hosting these virtual events and facilitate a digital collection launch. Download it now, start planning, and get in touch with us if your brand needs wholesale software in order to host your sell-in events.

    In this guide you will learn how Envoy B2B can help you:

    • Use our showroom at sell-in to go virtual with your event.
    • Use Envoy B2B and video conferencing to line plan 1:1 with your accounts.
    • Use Envoy B2B as the hub for the entire seasonal journey starting with sell-in.


    Envoy B2B can act as your hub, either virtually or in person, for all stages of your season.

    -Team Envoy B2B


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