Envoy B2B and Global Sales Guys partner

    Right now, there is a huge push for the wholesale industry to shift the process of sell in to become more digital. Ultimately, this means the adoption of virtual trade shows, and online meetings to introduce brands, tell key stories, and present the line digitally. As this shift becomes more prevalent, maintaining a strong relationship with buyers can fall by the wayside without the ability to meet in person. And as this happens, the connection between a brand and their specialty retailers can dwindle. 

    But this rapid push for a more digital strategy isn’t stopping Global Sales Guys from continuing to pursue a connection with their specialty retailers. With over 30 years of experience, their sole purpose is to travel around the world, explore new action and outdoor brands, then bring those brands back to specialty retailers throughout the United States. From there, they act as the go-to-market wholesaler for these local specialty retailers and connect them with new products in order for them to serve their customers with the latest trends.

    However, since the majority of their sell-in was once done during in-person trade shows and face-to-face meetings, questions like, “How do we continue to personalize the sales experience?” or “How can we quickly transform our approach?” was at the forefront of Global Sales Guys’ business. 

    So the search for a modernized, multi-brand, interpersonal B2B platform began. Global Sales Guys needed a platform that digitally transforms their business while still ensuring that connecting with their specialty retailers was at the forefront of their organization.

    “In our search, we vetted around 12 different B2B platforms,” explained Marty Carrigan, CEO and Founder of Global Sales Guys. “But what we were really looking for was someone who valued the relationships between the specialty retailers and who understood how to work with a multi-brand strategy. And Envoy B2B had just that.” 

    In order to create a successful sell-in season while continuing to cultivate relationships with their specialty retailers, Global Sales Guys need a platform that gives them the ability to adopt a personal, modernized B2B strategy. Envoy B2B delivers those critical tools with features like personalized virtual showrooms, customizable assortment plans, easy-to-use whiteboards, and a Locally integration providing data on trending products within each local market. Envoy B2B will allow Global Sales Guys the ability to secure their sell-in while still maintaining a personal connection to their specialty retailers

    “What comes with every crisis is the power of relationships. People do business with those who they are close to. And at the end of the day, it’s about what the buyers want and how we can help them the best,” stated Carrigan. “Because Envoy B2B embraces the idea of creating a multi-brand buying experience to tell each brand story personally, the tools we need to easily make that connection with our specialty retailers are evident in their platform.”

    As the wholesale market continues to move towards a digital space, ensuring that your organization is connecting with specialty retailers will become more important as they continue to lead the way. 

    “We look forward to helping the Global Sales Guys team support their retailers in Envoy B2B. Their approach is unique, authentic, and an example for the rest of the industry to follow,” explained Jon Faber, CEO and Founder of Envoy B2B. “We have a shared vision in collaborating with specialty retailers through listening to their needs, supporting them with the modern tools they need, and delivering integrations like Locally to succeed with a brand.”

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