We’re excited to announce a new Advisory Board as we strengthen Envoy and grow our company.

    We’ve spent the last six months building our new Advisory Board, connecting with some of the most influential experts in the footwear, apparel and B2B industries. The board will guide the continued growth of our company and the Envoy Platform, and advise us on business strategy, innovation and product development. We hosted the new Advisory Board for a meeting in early October and we are even more excited to see how this will shape Envoy in the future.

    Our new board members bring experience working for national and local organizations including Oracle, MotionPoint, Founders Brewing Company, Wolverine Worldwide, Atomic Object and New Store. They also have backgrounds in B2B marketing and ecommerce, the apparel and footwear industry, business strategy and software development. The members include:

    • Lisa Butler, Vice President of Strategy at MotionPoint
    • Ed Coke, Senior Vice President, OSG North America at DigitasLBi OSG
    • Carl Erickson, CEO of Atomic Object
    • Brian May, Head of International Business at Founders Brewing Company and former Head of Business Strategy at Wolverine Worldwide
    • Ana Milevskaja, E-Commerce Leader and Senior Director of Product Marketing at New Store

    As we continue to grow the Envoy Platform and our strategy for bringing together content and commerce, these experts will provide invaluable insight on trends impacting Envoy and our clients in the footwear and apparel industry. They will infuse our company with additional intellectual capital and help Envoy respond quickly to a rapidly evolving footwear, apparel and accessories industry.

    We’ve known that we were onto something with the Envoy strategy of content and commerce, but it was great to hear that validated by our advisors, too. Here’s what our board members are saying about the Envoy Platform:

    “We were able to experience the latest Envoy Platform firsthand and I was blown away by the speed and functionality. I’m really excited for users to see the features Envoy is rolling out in the upcoming months.” - Carl Erickson

    “The convergence of content and commerce is a powerful message and is strongly represented in the Envoy SaaS technology for B2B, driving client satisfaction and brand consistency." - Lisa Butler

    “Envoy is a forward-looking company that is transforming the way brands conduct their B2B business. Envoy’s platform and content services give footwear and apparel companies a competitive advantage through advanced functionality and a low total cost of ownership.” - Ana Milevskaja

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