Easy Wholesale B2B Software

    We know that a wholesale B2B strategy is complex, with a lot of moving parts. Our goal is to make sure it’s as easy as possible for your entire team to get the most out of your B2B platform. 

    We have a few guiding lights we go by: We build our platform with the needs of your brand first. We will never monetize your wholesale channel. And, when you sign up with Envoy B2B, you get access to an incredible, dedicated team along with amazing software.

    A Brand First Platform

    To begin with, we build for functionality over anything else. Our number one priority is giving your brand the power to increase order volume and grow your revenue season over season. We want reps to feel empowered by our software, delighting retailers and supporting their accounts in new ways. And we want retailers to feel directly connected to their brands when they log in, easily placing orders and learning about products.

    So when it comes time for us to design new features for the platform, we don’t design around creating additional revenue streams for ourselves. We talk to brands, reps, and retailers to find out what their pain points are, and what ways they feel held back by ineffective or non-existent technologies. Then we create something to fulfill those needs. Because we know that if your brand succeeds, we succeed. But, you need the right tools to make that happen.

    It's Your Wholesale Business

    Since our software functionality is driven by the needs of your brand, we will never require you to use features designed for our benefit, or force you into a marketplace. We aren’t interested in monetizing your data, profiting off your wholesale activity, or cross-selling to your retailers. 

    We will never force your wholesale channel to bend to our business needs.

    We want to make it easy for retailers to fall in love with your brand. When you sign up to use Envoy B2B, you’re buying a platform that is 100% designed to serve you and your wholesale channel with tools focused on increasing your order volume and revenue. We work with you to configure it to your business needs – not ours.

    People That Have Your Back

    We know that relationships are critical to the success of your brand. Your brand has a relationship with your reps, who have a relationship with your retailers, who have a relationship with your consumers. That human touch is essential to running a successful business.

    Signing up to use Envoy B2B is just the beginning. We aren’t interested in getting you to buy our software so we can move on to the next sale. For us, it’s the start of a relationship, and you can rely on the expertise of our collective decades of experience in wholesale business to help you succeed.

    Your Brand, Your Technology

    Any wholesale technology you implement should be aimed solely at helping your brand grow. It should be easy to use, designed with your needs first, driven by your growth, and built by a team that comes alongside you with shared goals.

    If you’re looking at your current technology and thinking “that’s not happening here,” then maybe it’s time to replatform. We can help, let us make it easy for you.

    Get in touch today.


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