The Human Touch

    The Human Touch

    If we’ve learned anything after this last year, it’s this: Our industry craves that human touch. We run on relationships, and technology will never fill that gap.

    But, we also know that technology, used properly, can be something that helps your brand build and maintain strong relationships with your retail partners.

    Technology To The Rescue

    For many of us, digital interactions were the only way we were able to stay connected to continue to work for the past year. And we did it, we made it work. A lot of us even managed to find success amidst all the upheaval, due to the adoption of digital tools.

    But, as we slowly begin to move back towards handshakes, high fives, and in-person interactions, it's time to let go of some of the changes we have made, while carrying others forward. Because if your technology is getting in the way of connecting with your partners on a human level then it's not working as it should.

    Stop Digitally OvercompensatingGET IN TOUCH!

    Your retailers love your brand, and your products. They don’t do business with you because you have slick systems that take the place of that human connection. Touching and feeling your products is critical to the retailer’s buying cycle. Learning about your brand’s values and what your product brings to the table should be a personal event for your retailers, driven by a rep who knows them and their store.

    Your B2B platform is a companion that elevates your sales efforts. It is not a replacement for crucial human interaction.

    Envoy B2B understands this. We deliver tools that support your efforts, and then get out of the way. Showrooms create personal, shoppable spaces for reps and retailers to interact as they deliver clinics and dive into product education. Our merchandising tools allow those same reps and retailers to come together and collaborate as they craft orders built specifically for the needs of each store.

    Because we know that it’s about finding that moment to connect that drives business, not just the ability to process a transaction.

    Share Data, Stay Connected

    Your brand is likely coming out of this year with a bunch of new technology and interesting data. So use it to make sure everyone in your wholesale channel can strengthen their relationships.

    Share data with your retailers to sustain and grow those relationships. Deliver performance data that suggests what consumers in their area want. Monitor on-hand inventory so you can proactively support the needs of each store. Use all this technology to support a shop online, pick up in store experience. 

    In short, use your B2B platform to set your retailers up to build connections and delight their customers.

    The Human Touch

    All these powerful digital tools exist to help brands conduct business, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of relying on them too much – often at the expense of irreplaceable human interaction. Rely on your tools to support those relationships, not replace them.

    Envoy B2B was built to create opportunities to interact with and support your retailers. Our obsession is helping retailers fall in love with your brand.

    Because the best B2B tool is the human touch.

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