Envoy B2B Delivers With Turnkey Connector for NetSuite AFA SuiteSuccess And Retail

    The Envoy B2B turnkey connector for Netsuite AFA SuiteSuccess and Retail is a best in class solution for apparel, footwear, and accessories brands. It’s the only turnkey solution on the market, with a tightly integrated set of powerful features, that’s built by industry experts.  

    What makes the Envoy B2B solution so special?

    Focus On Growth With Rapid Implementation


    Most B2B software providers offer an implementation process that takes upwards of 12-16 weeks. But we know that’s not good enough. We can have your brand up and running - with a full implementation and integration - usually in as little as two or three weeks.

    Our system is integrated in minutes and live in days. So you can put your focus on adoption and on-boarding with your team. Because you should be focused on building a strong season and expanding your wholesale channel, not tied up in a drawn out implementation process. That’s especially important given the current state of our industry and the impact the pandemic has had.

    Better Features, One Destination

    Envoy B2B delivers a powerful, modern wholesale destination that can grow your brand and support your retailers. Real time inventory, real time order submission, complete order history from any source, and invoicing with PayNow are all part of our more complete solution.

    Empowers your brand and retailers by giving them the ability to do more in a singular destination, tightly integrated to NetSuite.

    Built By Industry Experts

    We know apparel, footwear, and accessories. We’ve been living in that industry for years and years. So we’ve put all of our know-how and research into Envoy B2B and this integration. We talk to buyers and reps and brands on a daily basis and conduct extensive research with retailers. We’ve combined all of that collective feedback with our industry expertise to build this connector. Now there is a solution that is quick to implement, tightly integrated to NetSuite AFA and Retail, and that fits the unique needs of apparel, footwear, and accessory brands.

    Real Brands, Real Results

    We think our solution is the best on the market. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out how Original Footwear saved their Customer Service team over 300 hours a week and are able to reduce the amount of errors in their ordering process. The folks over at Howler Brothers were able to significantly improve their ability to manage demand and fill orders.

    Ready To Upgrade?

    Are you a brand using NetSuite AFA SuiteSuccess for Retail, and you're looking into adopting a B2B?  Or maybe you need to upgrade to a more modern B2B system with a strong integration that better supports your wholesale strategies. We've but together a brief, online questionnaire to help you determine if you're a good fit for integration, and how long it will take. It's time to get the ball rolling, because Envoy B2B. is theexpertly built, powerful, turnkey solution will power up your wholesale game.

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