digital press enhances the seasonl retailer journey

    Season after season, retailers move along the seasonal buyer journey as they navigate their way toward success. Typically, retailers that chart a successful path along this journey require a lot of support from reps. And Digital Press is a powerful tool for reps to deliver that support.

    The seasonal journey is composed of seven stages: Vision Quest, Numbers, Collaboration, The Buy, The Plan, Create Experts, and Sell The Season. We are going to focus on two key stages of the journey that benefit the most from Digital Press – Collaboration and The Buy.


    Digital Press Facilitates Greater Collaboration

    During the Collaboration stage of the journey, retailers begin relying on support from sales reps to merchandise the assortments that will eventually turn into orders. That means a lot of back and forth between reps and retailers. Digital Press makes it faster and more effective.

    Customized Experiences

    Reps can rearrange, show, or hide pages in any created experience as needed. They can also add custom pages for accounts that have particular needs or concerns. 

    Easy Sharing For Better Collaboration

    Every catalog or experience made in Digital Press can be exported as a PDF or a PowerPoint. While our web view offers the best experience, we know that the ability to share out of the platform is a key feature. Exporting into a different file format to accommodate retailers allows for the continuation of the back-and-forth collaboration process, even if the rep and retailer can’t be in the same room together.

    Engagement Tracking

    Insights and Activities allow reps to understand account interests and gauge the effectiveness of their seasonal content. This window into how content is performing drives informed decisions about how best to customize that content, and whether or not it’s meeting retailers needs. Reps use this data to tune underperforming content for better engagement, or abandon it all together.


    Driving A Better Buy

    Digital Press will also be harnessed during the buy phase of the journey.

    Always Up To Date

    One of the great things about content created in Digital Press is that it is B2B-aware. This means that any content created in Digital Press is smart, pulling data and product information from your B2B. So, no matter when a rep or retailer opens the experience, the product information is up-to-date and correct, driven by the single source of truth that is your B2B.


    Along with being B2B-aware, Digital Press content is also customer-aware through the power of segmentation. Reps can rest easy knowing they have the tools to deliver the right product, with the right prices, to the right people. 


    Buyers need to be able to shop. Browsing a catalog, then popping out of it to move into a separate ordering experience isn’t efficient. That’s why we made sure Digital Press enables you to make everything shoppable. Now, buyers can add products to a buy from any experience they’re in, seamlessly. This makes it significantly easier for reps to make smart recommendations and suggest additional products while working through the buy with the retailer.

    Moving Beyond Utility

    We built export features into Digital Press because we know it’s comfortable for a lot of retailers to work in a more traditional system.

    But, we also know that many of our users are looking towards the future, and they want technology that gives them power to be even more successful. That’s why we are building in modern features, like QR codes and AR enhanced experiences that utilize 3D models. These experiences open up a new realm of creative possibilities and ways to engage with retailers. Because we know that the more retailers learn about and understand your product, the more of it they sell.

    Digital Press is a powerful content creation and publishing tool for your team back at the home office. But, we can clearly see that it also delivers fantastic tools for reps to use when collaborating with retailers throughout the season, enhancing retailer engagement and driving greater sell-in. And, greater sell-in leads to better sell-through.

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