Stay healthy, stay safely apart, and remember… we’re all in this together.

    Envoy B2B pledges support of brands and their retail partners with a special offering.

    In light of the unprecedented events happening around the world, we are all reminded of how connected we are. Not just through technology, but as human beings with the same wants, needs, and desires as all other human beings. No matter what part of the world you live in, you are affected by this global pandemic in some way… whether directly or indirectly.

    It’s this moment in time where we are forced to stop, step back, and evaluate how we operate on a daily basis that is giving us all a reason to pause. In these quiet moments we are reflecting. We are reminded of what is most important to each and every one of us.

    For me, I think of my most inner circle… my family. Being forced out of our normal routine, we are in a place where we can share more quality time together, without most of our normal interruptions.

    It’s not an easy transition. It’s messy. It’s different. But, what a unique time to experience as each of us work to incorporate this significant change in our lives, and adapt. That’s the key word… “adapt.” Humans are incredible at adapting. We are getting used to our new routine, and that routine is adapting to changes on a daily basis. 

    My family’s focus is to keep us all in a positive and informed place. We are working to remove the virtual clutter that surrounds us all, and look at the facts. Are we doing it perfectly? No. And we probably never will. But, we’re getting better and doing our best to make good decisions with the information we have at hand.

    While the inner circle is what’s most important in my life, my next circle, my work life, is following closely behind, and more intertwined than I realized.

    In my leadership role at Envoy B2B, I spend my days with many talented people. Each giving their best to make our company as good as it can be. As world events develop, and we work remotely, we are all reminded of how our work life supports our home life and vice versa.

    As a business owner, it reminds me of what types of business practices are sustainable, and important to our industry. And now it’s more simple and clear than ever - they all revolve around family.

    • Preservation of the outdoors is of the utmost importance. Why? For all families to have spaces to enjoy together.
    • Social distancing. Why? For the health and safety of ALL families.
    • Shop local. Why? For the success of the families in your local area.
    • Remote working. Why? For the closeness you and your family need, and the positive environmental impact.

    Think of your family. Think of the other families out there… make that the context for your decisions now, and moving forward. How does what I’m doing RIGHT NOW, affect my family and those around me. Think about your local community AND your global community.

    Our way of life, the fabric of what we thought was normal, has been fundamentally altered.

    For our families, for our community, for our state, for our nation, and for our industry... these are the reasons we need to band together and find solutions that keep commerce going. These are the reasons we need to protect that very fabric of life which can shift in a matter of heartbeats.

    Envoy B2B has always been a solutions-focused company. With that in mind, we want to continue to do our part to help support and grow our local and global economies.

    The following offering is here to help brands to continue to support their retail partners through a more virtual experience that honors and respects the issues at hand. While we all maintain our physical distance from each other, we can remain connected and keep businesses moving in a positive, forward direction.

    Our Offer: 

    • 3 month free introductory period of our fully featured B2B platform
    • 3 months at a 60% discount
    • Optional opt-out ability after 6 month period
    • Post Trial Pricing: Pre-negotiated pricing that starts upon trial expiration

    Here are the details: 

    • Includes the full Envoy B2B feature set
    • Full onboarding and setup, including both retailer and sales rep features
    • 5 internal brand users
    • Invite in unlimited retailers
    • Unlimited ordering
    • Unlimited number of products and catalogs
    • Unlimited digital content sharing
    • Unlimited merchandising and product assortments
    • Access to integrations such as Stitch Labs, TradeGecko, NetSuite, MailChimp, and Locally, as well as our SFTP service
    • Access to our customer success team and the Envoy B2B knowledge base, with helpful training videos and articles
    • Reach out to Tom Rau, Envoy B2B Sales Director, to learn more and get started on our offer today.

    Thank you for your time and understanding. Together we will move on. Together we will persevere. And together, we’ll create the future of local commerce, by supporting the very families who make it possible on a daily basis.

    Stay healthy, stay safely apart, and remember… we’re all in this together.

    Jon Faber
    CEO, Envoy B2B

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