Boost Retailer Interaction With Product Banners

    We're excited to introduce Product Banners, just one of the amazing new features we've introduced to Envoy B2B. Product banners give you the power to highlight key product details. These banners are an effective way to call attention to products for your customers and retailers. You can apply a product banner by combining text and your choice of colors to make the banner stand out (or use an emoji). With product banners, you can communicate new products or best sellers. Highlight closeouts or products so popular they are now back in stock. 

    Here are a few examples of product banners and how they can help increase sales:

    New Arrivals: Build excitement for your newest products.

    Hot Products & Best Sellers: Call out hot items for your retailers. 

    Back in Stock: Let customers know a product was so popular that it sold out, but now it's back again.

    Seasonal, Holidays, & Current Events: Highlight products around a season, event, or upcoming holiday. Those orange and black products would look good with a Halloween banner and pumpkin emoji.

    Limited Edition: Get exclusive products to stand out for the limited time they are around.

    Low Inventory: Let’s customers know to place that order now or they could miss out.

    Clearance & Closeouts: Highlight products and give customers a last chance to buy them before they are gone.

    Price Changes & Discounts: Show off the before price of a product.

    Pack Quantity/Product Bundles: Quickly communicate that multiple units come with the purchase, e.g., “3 Per Pack”. 

    We can't wait to see how our Brands start using product banners to grow their wholesale channels and build strongers interactions with their retailers.  Want to learn more about how Envoy B2B and Product Banners can modernize your brand?  Contact us and we can set up a demo.

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