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    Your brand just released the latest catalogs and look books for the upcoming season, and then you realized some of the products needed updates – some specs weren’t quite right, and an image or two needed to be replaced. Your marketing team gets to work on the time-consuming process of making the changes across all the content that was sent out, while you reach out to reps and retailers to let them know a revised version is forthcoming. What a mess.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. With Digital Press, all the content is B2B-aware. Your team makes the changes in one spot, and they automatically update everywhere that product exists across all of your digital content.

    Content Is Finally Smart

    B2B-aware means all your B2B content – digital catalogs, look books, product sheets, assortments, and more – populates from the data fed from your B2B platform. If you make a change to a price, or an image, or any product data, all of that information updates automatically across all of your digital content.

    select_productMake a change in Digital Press and all your digital content will update in response. That's the power of B2B-aware content.

    This frees your team up from having to update every piece of content that contains that updated product information. Every rep and retailer immediately has access to the correct version. It guarantees that all the information is accurate, no matter where it shows up.

    Everyone Gets Their Own Content

    With segmentation, B2B-aware content becomes even more powerful. B2B-aware content makes sure all the content is up-to-date. Segmentation makes your content customer-aware. Now, your digital content has the correct information AND shows your customer only what they have access to view. This happens automatically, behind the scenes, in real-time. Your brand can feel confident that you are in full control of what your reps and retailers can see, share, and sell.

    An Easier Content Stream For Your B2B Channels

    Digital Press offers a simple, built-in, powerful way for your brand to deliver accurate B2B-aware information across all of your digital content. Update it once, and you know it will be correct wherever it’s seen. This will save your team time, and will ultimately improve your bottom line.

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