This has been an amazing year for Envoy. Thank you to everyone that shared our success in 2016. We look forward to an exciting 2017 as we continue to grow our company, and lead in our industry.

    01. Advisory Board
    This year we implemented a new Advisory Board to help guide the continued growth of our firm and the Envoy platform. Meet the board members here.

    02. Envoy Updates
    We implemented a new set of updates to Envoy that enable footwear, apparel, and accessories companies to reach buyers through in-platform promotions and out-of-platform campaigns, bringing together content marketing and e-commerce. Check out Envoy’s latest features here.

    03. Platform Growth
    This year we welcomed 6,500 new users to Envoy and introduced a new core tier of Envoy that allows mid-size, growing companies to implement a B2B solution that fits their needs.

    04. Leading The Pack
    We published numerous articles and white papers on how footwear and apparel companies can succeed with their B2B. We continue to lead our industry in innovative ideas that are reshaping the B2B experience.

    05. Incredible Support
    Our support team hosted 27 on-site training sessions across 7 countries, in 13 cities, and on 2 islands. They created 683 new knowledge base articles in 12 languages, and have a response time of under 30 minutes to support calls (compared to an industry average of 19.5 hours!). They also learned that during Oktoberfest a frequently used term is “Bierleichen” or “beer corpses.”

    06. Our Space
    We rejoined our content and commerce departments into one space this year by expanding our central office, and building a brand new photography studio for our content team. Stay tuned for our office open house in early 2017 as we celebrate having our whole team together again.

    What an incredible year. We’re aiming for the moon in 2017.

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