Here’s a simple question: What is Envoy B2B and how do we help apparel, footwear, and accessories brands? Simple answer: we modernize how brands work with their retailers. There’s obviously a lot to unpack there, but before we jump in, let's set a baseline to better understand some of the common practices in wholesale B2B.

    The Status Quo

    Many brands offer a static, outdated wholesale experience. It’s linesheets, Excel order forms, and re-keying orders that come through email. It’s sales reps rifling through outdated print catalogs at trade shows and offering up paper order forms at the end of a meeting.

    Even when brands do offer a digital ordering experience, it’s usually clunky, impersonal, and built as a transactional experience.

    It’s a not-great state of affairs.

    How do we do it differently? We work with brands to grow their wholesale channels by unlocking the basic building blocks of a strong wholesale strategy. We call them the fundamentals.

    They are buyer self-serve, content & commerce, and sales rep enablement, and every brand needs to live and breath them to survive and grow their wholesale channel. Let’s tackle them one at a time.

    Buyer Self-Serve

    Buyer self-serve means offering an experience that is easy for retailers to use on their own. It needs to be flexible and support every stage of their season.

    Envoy B2B makes it simple for buyers to learn about your season through a curated showroom experience, quickly find product for pre-book or replenishment orders, merchandise that order if they choose, and easily submit it.

    Buyers are no longer reliant on phone calls, emails, and constant contact to successfully run their store. They can now manage their own demand, all while remaining engaged with your brand.

    Content & Commerce

    Content & commerce is about delivering a singular destination for retailers and sales reps to get round-the-clock access to brand and product education, tools for placing their orders, and the collateral they need for a successful sell-through. It’s a one-stop shop.

    And segmentation allows brands to ensure they’re delivering the right products and assets to the right customers during each stage of the season.

    Sales Rep Enablement

    The final fundamental is Sales Rep Enablement. Sales reps can’t just be order takers anymore.  They need the tools to actively engage with retailers and support them all season long.

    Assortments, share queues, order drafts and other rep focused tools enable reps to be ambassadors of your brand, playing a key in-the-field support roll to retailers all season long.

    Your Success Is Our Success

    Having great software is only one part of the equation to modernizing your wholesale strategy. You also need a partner that understands your business and is invested in your success.

    We bring both to the table with our powerful wholesale e-commerce platform and our industry expertise.

    Every brand we partner with gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager that becomes an expert on their specific business, access to our content design services to make the site look great, and in-depth training to make sure the platform is a success from day one.

    Want to learn more about the fundamentals, the retailer seasonal journey, growing your wholesale channel, and us in general?  Get in touch.

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