4 Tips To Improve Digital Sell-In And Add Doors With Public Showroom

    Traditionally, B2B systems have been built as private experiences, aimed at facilitating an existing relationship between a brand and its retailers. Brands can also use their B2B to manage their wholesale channels. Retailers log in to get educated on product, explore what’s new, place orders, and more. But, Envoy B2B’s public showroom features allow brands to do even more – by harnessing the power of our 24/7 content destination and making it available to prospective retailers.

    Simply invite potential retailers in to view an interactive showroom experience, browse catalogs, book meetings, and eventually become a retail partner. All without having to log in or register first.

    Public showrooms are the perfect destination and companion for a brand's digital prospecting and trade show strategy. How can your brand best leverage the power of public showrooms to add doors?  Here are 4 tips straight from the experts at Envoy B2B.

    Tip #1: Shoot your best shot. 

    Public showrooms are targeted at helping your brand find new business, so it’s important to make sure that you use your most compelling and attractive content. Design your public showrooms with the intention of inspiring enough interest that the retailer wants to sign up for the full experience. Make it an immersive experience filled with storytelling, videos, product details, and other engaging content. 

    Tip #2: Teach your reps how and when to use it. 

    As with any new tool, reps need to be trained on how to utilize public showrooms. Provide materials and training sessions to teach your reps best practices for using public showrooms.  Reps need to know how to correctly position a public showroom to a prospective retailer, how to easily onboard a retailer, and how to use it as a tool to convert potential retailers into active accounts. 

    Tip #3: Create specific versions for your unique categories of retailers. 

    We often preach to brands that they need to be a good wholesale partner. Part of that process is understanding what makes each retailer unique, and then building the experience around that. They don’t all buy the same products. They don’t all have the same types of consumers. So, build your public showrooms to highlight that uniqueness and make them feel special. It’s going to increase the likelihood that they come on board. 

    Tip #4: Try new versions!

    Public showrooms are very easy to create! Take advantage of that by trying out different versions to see what works and what doesn’t. If your reps are using a public showroom for a few weeks and it’s not delivering the success they hoped for, have a backup version ready that has different content and assets. 


    Want to learn more about public showroom and explore how your brand can take advantage of the rest of Envoy B2B’s powerful content and commerce tools?  Get in touch, we’d love to chat!

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