Envoy’s B2B e-commerce platform is different. But being different only counts if that differentiation offers real added value to partners.

    Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors: industry specialization, a stairway of solutions for brands, the ability to provide a customer-specific experience, and the inclusion of a content destination.

    Industry Specialization

    Envoy focuses exclusively on footwear, apparel, and accessories. What this means for brands in any of those spaces is simple: our solution fits the unique aspects of each industry out of the box.

    Of course, the major advantage to specializing like we do is that our platform isn’t watered down or bloated. There’s no need to train your users to ignore certain options or go through a long process of hiding or showing certain features. Envoy is built 100% for companies specializing in footwear, apparel, and accessories. (Take See Kai Run, for instance—they’ve been able to realize a 30% increase in pre-books after adopting Envoy.)

    And because we specialize in specific industries, the team that supports our product doesn’t have to learn the ins and outs of your industry from scratch. We know your industry, meaning that you get an expert solution.

    A Stairway of Solutions

    We have a range of offers for both small and large brands. With a “stairway” of solutions, Envoy transforms brands that are looking to grow. Our partners include all manner of companies, from local niche brands to large enterprise players.

    For example, a brand can start with Envoy Core and tailor its benefits to their needs. As the brand grows and develops, adding more and more doors at retail, our Customer Success team will help them implement new features and tools to handle their increased demand for a modern B2B, without increasing the base cost of the platform. Eventually, our Customer Success team will work with the brand to identify when their B2B needs have grown complex enough to move into our Enterprise solution.

    Time to implementation is minimal. In fact, the average time between purchase and roll-out for new brands is only 10 business days. And more mature brands that already use Envoy find that moving up to the next “step” with our platform is quick and seamless.

    A Robust, Modern Approach

    Using Envoy means offering a modern approach to your buyers. But “modern” doesn’t mean just having a platform with an intuitive interface; it means tailoring the user experience to individual retailers.

    To do that, we use business rules that go beyond just basic customer segmentation within your buyers’ purchasing process. They govern all content on the platform.

    Let’s say you have two retailers with different needs—one specialty retailer and one big box. Perhaps their entire target demographics are different enough to need different brand messaging. Envoy lets you customize your online catalogs not just down to the product offering. It lets you create customized experiences for your buyers.

    A Content Destination

    Last, Envoy combines commerce with content. It’s a one-stop shop, a real destination for all of your users—both buyers and reps. Our platform isn’t just a tool for handling transactions. (You don’t really want your relationship with your customers to be based purely on transactions, do you?)

    Envoy is an essential component of a modern B2B and it brings unique capabilities to the table, boosting productivity, enabling stronger engagement with your brand at retail, and increasing wholesale order volumes.

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