V20 Release Delivers New Integrations, Reporting Features, and more

    The latest Envoy B2B release is here, and it has some exciting new features. We've introduced a couple of new integrations. Our Locally integration gives brands greater insight into what's hot across all their stores so they can immediately capitalize on emerging trends.  Our TradeGecko integration allows for greater flexibility in how brands decide and manage inventory. We've also added report scheduling, simple order imports, and more great new features. Check out the complete list of what's new in v20:

    For reps and customers (and admin to know)…

    All Products Dashboard

    A brand new products dashboard! This new products dashboard displays all products regardless of the catalog they are in. This allows you to quickly view and search products across the entire scope of available catalogs. 

    • Products destination added to main menu
    • All Products selection added to Catalog selector in product search
    • Brand logo used as catalog cover for All Products selection on Catalog selector
    • Ability to view all active products across all active catalogs when All Products selected

    Change Product Grouping View

    We added the ability to let the user choose how to view products on the site - either grouped together by colorway or as a single product. Click the new icon on the product search page, choose the best view for you, and it will stay that way - unless you want to change it back.

    • Switcher to change colorway consolidation view added to product search

    Order Shipment Simple Product Import

    You now have the ability to use an import sheet (or copy/paste) to add products to an order shipment. We’ve been calling this “simple order input” as we built the feature because that’s really what it is. Export the template from the shipment action menu, fill in the two columns (SKU and quantity), then import, and the product and quantity are added to your shipment. Great for reps who have a sheet of SKUs and quantity at their fingertips.

    • Ability to add products to a shipment with quantities for each SKU upon import
    • Import and Export option added to actions dropdown on order shipments
    • Template downloadable from the import modal that includes column for SKUs and Quantities
    • Import modal where the user selects a sheet to import
    • Shipment export that includes current SKUs and Quantities for each product on the selected shipment

    Locally Integration

    Envoy and Locally have teamed up to bring consumer demand insights to retailers and brands. This encourages retailers to increase their on-trend percentage and carry products that are in high demand in their locations, leading to more shop-online, pick-up in-store business. It also brings visibility to retail accounts' on-hand inventory right in Envoy. This allows proactive replenishment recommendations and increases sell-through by keeping what is selling restocked before it runs out. *Please note, brands must be partnered with Locally for retailers to enable the integration.

    • Integration for Locally added to Integrations page
    • My Accounts destination added to main menu when Locally activated
    • Locally filters added to product search when Locally activated
    • Customer matching screen accessible from Locally integration when activated
    • Locally details added to Customers dashboard when activated

    For the sales reps and internal users…

    Ability to Filter Activities & Insights by Ship-to Location

    Now your reps can dive deeper into how your customers' specific locations are performing. We’ve added a filter to both the activity feed and insights allowing you to view those interactions and analytics by customer location.

    • Location dropdown added to both Activities and Insights customer filters

    ...and for the site admins:

    Multiple Use Promo Code Discount

    You can now create a promo code discount that can be used multiple times. Same functionality as the single-use promo code, but now the code can be used as often as you want. Choose the % off and the date range, then let those customers know.

    • New Discount Type added for "Multi-Use Discount"
    • Multi-use discount codes can be applied to order unlimited times

    Schedule Reports

    You can now schedule reports in Envoy. No longer will you have to remember it’s the end of the month or end of the week, you can choose to schedule any or all of the reports to be emailed to you whenever you want.

    • Schedule option added to each report
    • Schedule Report modal appears when selected to setup scheduled report
    • Scheduled Reports section added to Reports dashboard, scheduled reports appear in this section once created
    • Scheduled report emailed to included recipients based on selected criteria
    • Email includes link to download report

    B2B Summary

    We have a new B2B summary report on the reports dashboard. This report provides an overview of logins, orders, campaigns, etc., for each month year-to-date. If you have multiple brands on the B2B, site admin will be able to see a collective overview of all brands on the Global reports dashboard.

    • B2B Summary Report added to reports dashboard
    • B2B Summary Report added to global reports dashboard

    TradeGecko Integration

    Envoy is now a channel partner with TradeGecko. If you use TradeGecko as your inventory management platform, you can now take advantage of Envoy’s turn-key integration.

    • TradeGecko added to Integrations dashboard
    • Products, Prices, Inventory (ATS), Customers, Order History, synced from TradeGecko when activated
    • Orders submitted to TradeGecko when activated

    That's it! As always, we will continue to research, listen to feedback, and track the latest technologies and business needs in order to build the best wholesale e-commerce platform we can.  Stay tuned to our next release!


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