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Ability to visualize your cart

Our new visualization feature empowers a user to merchandise product on a canvas prior to order creation. Buyers and reps can use this to quickly merchandise each shipment of a pre-book order or for that quick replenishment need. Add products to your cart and see how they merchandise in a visually stunning, interactive experience.


Download an Order Kit

The Order Kit is a new feature that allows you to download multiple options from the order confirmation screen and order email confirmation. Order Kits contain order PDFs, XLS, product images, tech sheets and UPCs.


Share items with non-platform users

Internal users (sales reps, marketers, etc.) can now share items with anybody. Add an order draft, an assortment, or some content from showroom to your share queue and send to anyone. What’s the ‘share queue’ you ask? Well, we’ve added a new icon to the header on the site where any content you add to share will be available.


Multi-select and download all content from showroom dashboards

Now download any content on your showroom in one go. Multi-select the content and download it all as a zip file to your computer.


Add colorways to the cart from presentation slides

Quickly add those additional colorway products on a presentation to your cart.


New URL! has been transitioned to

For those brands that have a [brand] URL, this will be [brand] But no need to worry, we have a redirect set up, so anybody going to the old URL will always be taken to the correct site.


Login to the B2B platform from

Now users can login into the platform straight from and be taken directly to their site.


Updates to Create Order from Assortment options

Now when creating an order from an assortment you have the option to ship products as soon as possible or try to ship products as soon as possible - just like when creating an order from the cart.


Update to the "Actions" button on orders and assortments

When creating an order or assortment and you are in the catalog view, we’ve added a button called Done Adding Products to navigate back to the order item screen. A touch of clarity is a great thing.


Search historical orders by product number

A new field has been added to the orders search allowing users to search orders by a specific product number.


Reduce size of site header

We’ve made the order header a bit smaller. You may notice it looks a little different, but all the same functionality is there.


Cart on the iOS app

For you sales reps, the cart has now been added to the iOS app. All the same options you are use to on the web, now available in the app.


...and for the site admins:

Ability to assign clickable hotspot to an image asset

Perfect for those lifestyle images, you can now add a clickable hotspot to an image asset and attribute it to any product in your catalog. Now all your images can be made shoppable.


Updated naming convention for Admin and Manager roles

Role names have been updated for administrators and managers. Now, those of you that had an Admin role will be Site Admin, and users previously with Manager roles are called Administrators. All the same permissions and access remain the same.


Improved document and content thumbnails

When creating an asset that doesn’t have a thumbnail, the site will now fill in the thumbnail with that image.


Site admins can now set passwords or force reset passwords upon login

We’ve added an option for site admin to create a temporary password upon new user creation, and the ability to send password resets for one or multiple users. Welcome email and password reset emails have been updated to include passwords if set by site admins.


Non-sales rep internal users can now receive order confirmation emails

There is now an options on the profile screen to receive order confirmation emails that will let internal users get those order confirmations. Perfect for CSRs and Administrators.


Version 15 of Envoy B2B puts powerful new tools and capabilities in the hands of our users. We can’t wait til folks get their hands on it!