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Now that you’ve implemented a new wholesale B2B Platform, it’s time to develop visual content that accurately documents your products and allows you to tell a consistent story to your customers across all mediums. The first step to accomplishing this is with versatile, high quality product documentation.

In its simplest form, product documentation is the process of capturing high quality photos or videos of your products in a timely fashion. These assets would then be available for use in your B2B platform, e-commerce websites, and anywhere else they add value. It’s a single, controllable set of assets for each product.

Why would this be so valuable? By going to market with all of your products properly documented, you’re more likely to experience higher sell-through and growth within your wholesale channels. Low quality product documentation creates friction for your customers as they try to decide what to order. Presenting them with high quality product images reduces that friction, making it easier for them to feel more confident in their ordering decisions.

Properly documenting your products is a huge step forward, but now that you have these valuable assets, how do use them to their full potential?

Let’s assume you’re already using them in your printed assets and in your B2B system. The next step is to use them to build new interactive experiences that accurately showcase your products. Make your digital catalog more engaging by adding interactive 360 degree spins for every product. Give your customers dynamic spins of your flagship line in 4K Ultra HD video. Create an browser-based narrative experience that guides your customer through your brand’s story and next season’s themes.

These interactive pieces will obviously serve to promote your brand story and seasonal highlights, but by getting your products documented earlier in your season, you’ll also be able to get your customers interacting with these valuable selling tools as soon as - or even before - your products are available for them to order.

We’ve heard over and over from companies that a lack of good product documentation is holding their wholesale B2B efforts back. It leads to slower sales and less growth by introducing uncertainty and doubt into your customers’ buying processes. Because accurate, controllable product documentation helps eliminate these problems - especially when it’s part of interactive presentations and marketing material - it should be a key ingredient of your wholesale B2B strategy.

Stay tuned for the final part of our four-part series where will talk about building a support structure for your users.

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