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Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been to a trade show. We get it. COVID put a halt to in-person events, and the alternatives weren’t as well attended or received as people had hoped. When trade shows picked up again, there was a fair amount of hesitancy amongst attendees, and the vibe was pretty muted.

But, we’re feeling a shift in the industry, and the excitement for trade shows is coming back strong. Our team was at The Running Event in Austin, Texas, and the energy there was electric. It felt like trade shows of the past… people connecting, doing business, and just having a good time.

So, what’s the key to this trade show comeback?

Industry Optimism

The wholesale industry has experienced a remarkable expansion fueled by the collective optimism and passion that permeates brands. And nowhere is this more evident than at in-person trade shows. 

These trade shows now stand as a testament to the resilience and positive outlook inherent in the community. They serve as vibrant hubs where businesses showcase their successful products, establish great connections, and foster genuine growth. That passion and shared drive is a common thread that binds attendees together, sparking creativity and innovation, and manifesting success for the participants.

Connection + Passion

But, there is more than just optimism at play here. The wholesale industry has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, and trade shows played a pivotal role in this growth — providing a platform for wholesalers to connect with their audiences.

From what we saw at The Running Event, trade shows are again becoming an ideal platform for brands to showcase their products. Modern buyers don’t want to be treated as mere purchasers; they are brand enthusiasts. They are the people who seek products that align with their values and lifestyle. This shift in behavior has given rise to a new era where passion for brands is the defining factor that drives purchasing decisions.

As businesses tap into this passion, they find a loyal customer base that goes beyond a transactional relationship, fostering brand advocacy and long-term success.

Welcome Back, Trade Shows

The intersection of optimism and passion at trade shows illustrates the dynamic landscape of our industry. These events serve as catalysts for positive change, driving industry evolution and fostering connections that transcend traditional boundaries.

Watch out 2024, trade shows are back.

This blog image features our Manager of Community Growth, Pete Ashley, and our VP of E-commerce Enablement, Mark Troast, while at The Running Event in 2023. During the show, they were able to connect with brands while providing them resources on how to digitally enable their reps, streamline their wholesale ordering, and create go to market sustainability to better support their retailers for success. 

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