The relationship between a rep and a retailer is essential. Reps need to build genuine connections with their retailers, and invest deeply in the success of their stores – not just be order takers. But, they can only go as far as their tools will take them.

    Sending a rep into the field with paper catalogs and order forms, or an outmoded B2B system, is a guaranteed way to stall growth for your retailers, and yourself. A modern, connected strategy, with a suite of digital tools in a single B2B destination, gives reps the powers to build relationships and proactively manage the season for success. 

    Our guide on how to empower your reps with modern tools and strategies is a comprehensive look at digitally enabling your reps. This article gives you a quick look at the basic tools your brand needs to deliver, if you want to digitally enable your reps.

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    Digital Catalogs

    This is the bedrock of collaboration between your reps and your retailers. Digital catalogs are what reps will use to work with retailers and creatively build assortments, merchandise, and assemble orders that drive success all season long.assortment_workbook_01aPutting a digital, interactive version of your catalog or buyers guide in your reps hands facilitates collaboration in a way that print does not. Reps can share the catalog with the retailers, allowing for communication back and forth as the retailer makes edits and adds notes, on whatever device they prefer. Reps can deliver that collaborative, connected experience retailers crave, from anywhere, at anytime. 

    Digital Merchandising

    The collaborative experience supported by digital catalogs leads to powerful merchandising, as the rep and retailer work together to build a smart assortment for the season.

    assortment_experienceAs a single-destination B2B platform, Envoy B2B lets users visually line plan on-the-fly, either in-person or over a video conference, without having to bounce around to different tools. That final merchandised assortment can then be shared with the retailer for continued feedback and collaboration, or converted to a digital order.\

    Access to Retailer Data

    If you want your reps to be able to really connect with their retailers, you need to give them the right data. Data provides the opportunity for reps to get to know their stores, create meaningful relationships, deliver guidance, and spark collaboration with their retailers.

    Give your reps their own access to data on their accounts, particularly top customers, top products, and customer engagement. Surface insights into abandoned orders for opportunities at thoughtful follow-ups. Let them see which accounts are active and which aren’t, so they can focus attention where it’s needed. Provide a window into a retailer’s on-hand inventory so reps can quickly send relevant replenishment orders and take the pressure off their retailers. Surface high demand products around each retail account they manage.

    Help, Don’t Hinder

    Don’t inadvertently sabotage your team by not providing the right tools. Grab the download and learn more about how to properly enable your reps for success.

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