We often find ourselves in close proximity to the beautiful, wild places of this earth. Mighty dunes, glistening Lake Michigan, and peaceful forests are just some of them. This planet is full of amazing natural spaces. And it's our job to make sure they stay that way, so we joined 1% for the Planet and got to work.

    When we joined, we made a commitment to help take care of our planet. Not only does 1% of everything we sell go back to our environment, but we also made it our goal to go out into this world and do the hands-on work it takes to help keep our planet clean. 

    To that end, we chose the Kent County Parks Foundation to be the recipient of our 1%. Kent County has more than 6,800 acres of land in 42 properties and trails.

    To live out this commitment, we recently hosted Envoy Outdoors: The Great Pick Up. During this event, employees and family members, along with clients, joined together at Millennium Park to celebrate the outdoors. We hiked the beautiful trails of the park while picking up trash, then hosted a picnic to commemorate the work done together.

    The goal was to get our community involved with our parks and the needs of the planet, and to illustrate the value of coming together with the shared goal of protecting our planet. Six different trails were cleaned as employees, partners, families, and clients all joined together to do their part.

    We wanted to demonstrate the important difference that a small group of people can make to our planet. Just imagine groups like this, working all across the globe to preserve our environment! It would be amazing.

    “This has been an exciting partnership with Envoy B2B! Our mission is to inspire, move, and invest. Envoy B2B has been an amazing partner inspiring their employees and their family members to get outdoors and do something positive that makes a difference in our community. We are grateful for their support of our parks and trails network,” said Sam Moore, Executive Director of the Kent County Parks Foundation.

    As the years go on, we plan to continue to grow our Envoy Outdoors events through making “The Great Pick Up” an annual event, with the objective of getting more Envoy B2B and beyond to participate each year.

    At Envoy, we believe that it’s important to get our community involved with our parks and the needs of the planet. We’re surrounded by a world that’s worth exploring, and it’s our responsibility to protect it and keep it clean. Keep track of our efforts by following us on social media!

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