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Mom always says it’s not polite to brag, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Our integration with NetSuite is one of those times.

Hands down, we’re the best wholesale B2B platform for brands on NetSuite. That’s a pretty big statement, but don’t worry – we can back it up.

A Faster Time To ROI

When you decide to implement new software, it’s usually because you are pushing up against the limits of your ability to grow. Looking forward, you know that you can continue to grow and increase revenue if you make some strategic changes. To fuel that expansion, you decide to implement a new technology. But, typically, with a new technology implementation, you’ll be on a 3-4 month timeline. 

Not with Envoy B2B.

We can have your brand up and running in as little as two weeks with our turnkey implementation. Our solution can be integrated in minutes, and live within days. Then you can take the rest of that implementation time and focus it towards on-boarding and training your team. That’s the quickest time to value on the market, and we’re the only platform that brings that to the table.

“The entire Envoy team is amazing to work with. Their commitment during our implementation and on-boarding process was above our expectations.  Between their response time and their attention to feedback, we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”
-Alexis Dean, Original Footwear

Future Proofing Your B2B

Unlike some providers, we aren’t trying to pull you into our ecosystem so we can cash in on your B2B activity. We’re building a platform that your brand can use for growth. If you succeed, we succeed. We build for your success now and in the future.

We have some of the most powerful tools available, like real-time inventory, real-time order submission, and complete order history from any source, along with a full suite of commerce and content tools. And it's all certified by NetSuite.

Plus we deliver more updates than any other platform, with new features dropping every quarter, for free. These updates are always built around feedback from existing clients as well as emerging trends in the industry. We want to solve your hurdles before you even consider that you might have to jump.

Laser Focused On Your Business

We know our verticals. We’ve been working in the footwear, apparel, and accessories space for over a decade. We understand how brands in that space think and what they need to succeed. We aren’t adapting generic tools to broadly fit your needs that sort of get it done well enough. Our platform is purpose built to serve your brand.

We deliver highly effective tools, built by people that operate in the same world as your brand, that do very specific jobs incredibly well – and bring in more revenue for you.

“Having orders in NetSuite in real time will give us significantly better capability to manage demand and fill orders in a timely way. Additionally, knowing there’s one source of record will reduce errors which will lead to better customer satisfaction.”
-Avery Nystrom, Howler Bros.

Simply The Best

We know you have options if you’re looking for a wholesale B2B platform to integrate with NetSuite. But, we also know that there’s no better option than Envoy B2B (even though Mom told us not to brag). Get in touch if you would like to know more, we’d love to chat.