Alarm clock with note that says now is the best time to upgrade your B2B

    When is the right time to implement a wholesale B2B platform? It’s a pretty tough question to answer for a lot of brands. For many, it never feels like the right time. It seems like there’s always some other critical project taking focus – a new product to roll out, conference season, a big go-to-market push – there’s always something.

    But, what if now is the best time to adopt a new B2B?

    Right Here, Right Now

    Rolling out a new platform takes focus, time, and resources. Trust us, we know, as we’ve helped countless brands go through the process. The good news is, you’ll come out of that process with advanced capabilities, extended reach, and the ability to grow your wholesale channels and revenue like never before.

    Which means, waiting for the “right time” is costing you potential growth. So, while it may never feel like the right time, here are some things to consider when finding your “now” moment.

    Off Season, But On Target

    Brands are always busy, but there are times when there is a bit more breathing room. Off-season, between those big go-to-market pushes, is one of those times. Yes, you are planning and prepping for the new product line to hit, but that actually makes it a great time to stand up that new B2B.

    You’ll be going to market with new capabilities, stronger reach, better ordering tools, and new ways to connect with your retailers. If you want that new product line to succeed past expectations and bring in record sales, rolling out with a brand new set of powerful commerce and content tools is the way to go.

    End Of The Year Means New Beginnings

    As the year winds down, it means a lot of planning for how to make the next year even better. This is another great time to upgrade your B2B and kickstart growth in your wholesale channels.

    Lining up implementation of a new B2B at the end of the year means your team can roll into the new year with a firm grasp of how to navigate the new software, and hit the ground running with a strong set of best practices for increasing retailer engagement and order volumes.

    Don’t Let Your Budget Ruin The Opportunity

    Budgets seem to always rule the conversation. They have a lot of influence in defining that now-is-the-time moment. Controlling that budget is the key to finding the right time. And in this case, a little research is needed in order to find a partner that puts your needs first.

    The right B2B partner will work with your brand, because their goal is your success. That means they won’t be hitting you with forced upgrades down the line. And, during implementation they’ll offer a reasonable approach to implementation fees and training costs.

    If controlling the budget is the key to unlocking the right time to implement a B2B, don’t work with a software provider that holds your success hostage to countless fees.

    Let The Experts Help You Succeed

    When you do implement a new B2B system, you don’t have to sacrifice success in other areas. You shouldn’t have to move your team off critical projects to handle the implementation process, because a good B2B provider handles it for you. Sure, you’ll have to go to a few meetings, and you’ll want to regularly touch base as you work through the milestones, but let the B2B experts do the heavy lifting. After all, they should be well-experienced in helping brands through this process with minimal impact to their daily business.

    So, when you're trying to find the right time to upgrade to a better B2B, the answer is now. Because if you wait, you're losing out on channel growth, market share, and revenue.

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