Tense will be adopting the Envoy B2B platform to support growth and bolster orders.

    GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.) - Envoy, a technology company providing innovative wholesale business-to-business (B2B) software solutions, announced today that Tense, makers of high-quality, wooden watches has chosen to adopt Envoy as its B2B platform.

    "Tense puts a lot of care and thought into their handcrafted watches, and we do the same thing for Envoy,” said Envoy CEO Jon Faber, “We’re excited to be able to deliver a best in class feature set to this unique brand and we look forward to helping them grow."

    Bringing content and commerce together in one platform, Envoy can become the cornerstone of a powerful go-to-market strategy for growing brands. Tense will be launching the Envoy B2B platform to its reps and retail buyers in the first quarter of 2018.

    “Envoy offers an unrivaled B2B platform with its ease of use and the benefits it brings to the table.” said Kyle Thomson, North American Sales Manager of Tense, “The time had come for Tense to upgrade our current B2B system and Envoy provided a smooth transition and delivers a powerful, modern experience for our buyers.”

    Envoy employs a revolutionary content and commerce approach to building a B2B platform. This allows footwear, apparel, and accessories companies to engage with their buyers by surfacing key stories in Envoy’s content destination, as well as take advantage of Envoy’s powerful commerce tools for all their wholesale needs. All this combined with Envoy’s ease-of-use can lead to upwards of a 30% increase in order placement at retail, greatly facilitating a brands wholesale growth.


    Envoy is a technology company providing innovative wholesale B2B software solutions through its groundbreaking Envoy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Envoy’s content and commerce approach to B2B is designed to help footwear, apparel and accessories companies create dynamic content, increase speed of sale, grow their wholesale channels and elevate their go-to-market strategies. Serving more than 18,000 users worldwide in 10 different languages, Envoy is changing the way some of the largest U.S. and international footwear, apparel, and accessories companies do business. Learn more about Envoy at

    Tense Watches designs high-quality wooden watches. They are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, and are powered by premium Rondo 6004D Swiss Movements or Japanese Miyota Watch Movements. Each watch is manufactured by hand in our workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Our products are designed and built around our core beliefs in quality and craftsmanship. In 1957, Ken P. Lau started his profession as a clock designer. He pioneered experimentation with natural components, such as wood and stone. In 1968, Ken moved his focus to wristwatches, and in 1971 Tense Wooden Watches was founded. Even now, Ken brings his almost 50 years of experience as a crafter of timepieces to the workshop everyday.

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