Man using technology and megaphone to tell better stories for wholesale B2B.

    Telling the right stories, in the right way, is a crucial component of getting your retailers engaged with your brand. It leads to a better understanding of your product and a deeper connection with your brand, which means more sales on the floor. 

    So, how can you do a better job of telling those stories?

    Design for digital first, with hooks that harness the power of your B2B, and you’ll produce more exciting stories that effortlessly empower your retailers to engage.

    Lean On Your Technology

    Your Stories Should Capitalize On The Power Of Your B2B.

    You know the cycle. Your marketing and design teams work hard to put together some great content, but then there’s an update to a product. Now, they have to go through all of your materials, find that product, and update it in every spot. That’s time consuming, and holds your team back.

    There’s an easier way. It’s called B2B-aware content.

    B2B-aware means that every look book, digital catalog, product sheet, or assortment, populates with the data it gets from your B2B platform. Change a price, or an image, or any bit of product data, and every piece of digital content updates automatically.

    This allows your team to focus on moving forward with new initiatives, rather than having to go backwards to update every piece of content. Better yet, every rep and retailer around the globe immediately has access to the correct information, seamlessly. Combine that with the segmentation tools found in your B2B, and all that content is now customer-aware too, delivering only the pieces each user has permissions to see and interact with. This is all happening automatically, in real-time.

    If you want to tell better stories, you need to ensure that those stories are accurate and up-to-date. B2B-aware content does that for you.

    Giving Your Designers The Best Tools

    A smoother pipeline leads to better stories, told more often.

    What if we told you that we made it easy to create interactive, engaging, shoppable experiences for your retailers? And then, what if we told you it could be done right in your web browser? Your designers would probably get really excited. Say hello to Digital Press. It does all of those things.

    Digital Press massively eases the pressure on your content pipeline by delivering familiar tools with the functionality that your team expects (even down to key commands!). It’s immediately accessible, and easy to use out of the box.

    When the process of creating the story is easy and smooth, your team can spend its time honing the story itself. This ability to focus on delivering elevated content, as opposed to a bloated production timeline, means that you can tell more stories, more frequently, driving higher levels of engagement with your retailers.

    Accessing Your Stories Anywhere

    Better stories go to where your retailers are.

    Reps and retailers should be able to access your stories wherever they are, whenever they need to, on whatever device they have at hand. That means giving them access to a simple, web-based viewing tool with a familiar flipbook style experience and solid exporting tools.

    You don’t want to drive your retailers to an external app that gets in the way of accessing your content, and silos them off from acting on a shoppable story. By delivering your content through a browser, you can fold your stories into your larger B2B experience.

    This accomplishes two things: First, it empowers your reps with customization tools that allow them to further target the experience toward each individual retailer. Second, it allows for you to make the experience shoppable for the retailer. As they move through the content, they’re experiencing it in a format that’s plugged into your B2B. As a result, they can immediately add products to an assortment or order whenever inspiration strikes.

    Better Stories Drive Growth

    Retailers sell more of what they know.

    If your stories aren’t taking advantage of the technology in your B2B, they’re missing the mark. The content is surely on point – you know your own brand better than anyone, after all – but, the method of delivery, means of production, and level of engagement from your retailers isn’t all it could be. It’s time to up your game. We can help.

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