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What’s one of the easiest ways to grow revenue in your wholesale channel? Get more efficient. Luckily, with the right B2B platform, it’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Let’s take a look at three ways your B2B should be streamlining your wholesale operations. 

Bringing Efficiency To Your Team: Smoothing Out The Order Workflow

One of the critical ways Envoy B2B can create efficiencies in your organization is by standardizing orders. These digital ordering tools, combined with a retailer's ability to self-serve – due to 24/7 access to the platform – frees your brand to focus on supporting your reps and retailers and building a successful season.

Many brands are still hand-keying orders they receive through email, phone calls, or spreadsheets. That also means retailers aren’t getting a clear picture of what’s available to order since they don’t have access to real-time inventory numbers. That creates an extended back-and-forth between reps and retailers, slowing the entire process down. When the order is finally placed, your team has to dedicate time to manually entering it into the system. And that’s prone to mistakes.

That’s too many moving parts to accomplish the singular task of placing an order. A good wholesale B2B platform cuts through that mess.

A standard, digital process that enables retailers to self-serve –  with accurate inventory in real-time – completely changes the game. See Kai Run saw a 30% increase in pre-books, and a 40% reduction in order entry time when they implemented Envoy B2B.

It’s been proven that mistakes go down, order volume and frequency go up, and your team members get much needed time back to focus on more mission critical tasks. It’s a huge efficiency gain for everyone in your organization.

Creating Efficiency Across Multiple Channels: The Power Of Integrations

Integrations are another key ingredient in creating a more efficient process – eliminating unnecessary steps and unwanted technologies. In particular, our turnkey NetSuite connector delivers a modern, streamlined experience that improves the return on entire channels.

Brands are often faced with the challenge of keeping both their wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels aligned. Having to manage the flow of information and assets across both channels creates divergent messaging, opportunities for mistakes, and forces the adoption of even more technologies.

That’s incredibly inefficient, adding needless complexity in the day-to-day operations of your team. However, integrating Envoy B2B into your other technologies, will easily side-step that issue.

The team over at Howler Brothers experienced it first hand when they took advantage of our turnkey NetSuite integration.

“One of the biggest challenges we faced before adopting Envoy B2B was integrating the activities and processes of our wholesale and direct channels.  To create systems that worked for us to assimilate all needed information, we often had to adopt various technologies and cobble them together,” Said the team over at Howler. “Envoy B2B provides us with a tool that allows our customers and reps to take more control over the ordering process. This obviously frees up a great deal of our time to focus on other things and the time we save has been so great.  Envoy also allows greater flexibility and control for our customers and reps which makes them happy. Being able to integrate all of the functionality we need is important too.  Less complexity leads to a more efficient workflow and reduces the chances for mistakes.”

Twisted X, another brand using both Envoy B2B and NetSuite, is also reaping the benefits of finding efficiency through integrations. They’ve realized a 22% increase in platform bookings, and a 109% increase in order volume.

Delivering Efficiency To Retailers: A Better Trade Show Experience

Finally, a B2B platform can make trade shows highly efficient for your retailers, enabling a better trade show experience.

Having assortment tools side-by-side with a digital ordering process means submitting orders right on the show floor. Meet with your retailer, build the assortment, submit as an order – all done in minutes. Your reps are on to their next meeting, and the retailer can get into the trade show, get orders in, and get back to their store asap.

Rumpl knows. They’ve been using Envoy B2B at trade shows with great success. Rumpl relies on Envoy B2B to drive efficiency and serve their retailer’s needs. “We will actually pull up Envoy B2B, write an order right there, and connect the dots for accounts on the spot.” says Nate Clark, National Sales Manager at Rumpl. “ It’s a really efficient way to get that order written, because we all know that once the retailer goes back home that ‘retail happens.’ So Envoy B2B is a really effective tool to be able to facilitate that efficiency for retailers, and ensure the orders are written and placed for us.”

Buyers want to get to the show, write as many orders as they can, and get back to their store. A modern wholesale B2B platform serves that need.

More Efficiency Means Better Revenue

The upshot of creating all this efficiency in your wholesale channel is a measurable return. Your team has more time to focus on connecting with retailers, building the season, and growing your brand. Your retailers place higher volume orders with more frequency and feel supported in their success. That means better team health, happier retailers, and more revenue.